The first Google phone Nexus One is now available in UK and US

Well, how about that? All the rumors turned out true to the last bit. At an Android press event Google just presented their new Android uberphone and they have novel way of selling it directly to customers...

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  • HN

Manufactured by HTC, the Nexus One features dynamic noise suppression from Audience, Inc., a large 3.7" OLED display for deep contrast and brilliant colors and a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon™ chipset for blazing speeds. Running on Android 2.1, the newest version of Eclair, the software includes innovations like a voice-enabled keyboard so you can speak into any text field, fun Live Wallpapers, a 3D photo gallery for richer media experiences and lots more. Of course, it also comes with a host of popular Google applications, including Gmail, Google Voice and Google Maps Navigation.

Today, the web store allows you to purchase the Nexus One without operator service or with service from T-Mobile USA. We expect to add more operators, more devices and more countries in the future, including Verizon Wireless in the U.S. and Vodafone in Europe. To learn more about the Nexus One, and our new web store, we recommend checking it out for yourself by visiting We look forward to seeing how our new program and the Nexus One contributes to accelerating innovation on mobile products for the benefit of users worldwide.

  • SE 2010

bliss, 06 Jan 2010If it doesn't have push email, which I can't find anywhere on th... moreFor god sakes go see the specs! Yes it has push email. And it has an amazing battery and is has every thing, all the fools here are saying that it doesn't.

  • Harish G

I am eagerly waiting for this phone to release in Canada

  • billbull

this phone waist line really looks like HTC Snap minus the qwerty keyboard

  • Anonymous

I did ordered Google phone Nexus One today.

  • Anonymous

I don't like this phone, no 3G and low battery survival, no video call, video recording is up to 20fps no good for TV set.
It has a good wi-fi a,b,g,n, capability, no stereo speaker in it, and no thanx i em not interested in it.

  • ludwik

bliss, 06 Jan 2010If it doesn't have push email, which I can't find anywhere on th... moreMust have push or pop email. My phone is android 1.5 has push, or is it pop email. Can someone please tell me the difference between push and pop.

  • bliss

If it doesn't have push email, which I can't find anywhere on the specs. then it's a deal killer. Anyone have any idea if it does have PUSH EMAIL?

  • 5

wow! android is really stepping up! nexusone looks great! but im still gonna wait in Q4 to buy an android smartphone with tegra thats gonna be a bummer.

  • ludwik

The launch of this phone has received the maximum possible publicity. One uk TV reporter who was in the US for the launch said 'unlike the iPhone, which is only available on vodafone, this phone will work on any network'

  • Anonymous

I couldn't agree more with the 1st comment.
This phone will change the phone industries!

However, I'm guessing.. one should buy this one or wait for better design HTC Bravo (specwise maybe quite the same)..

  • joeyjuviyani

The video that is of about 1 min 15 secs can give you a proper information how Google Phone Nexus One HTC Android actually looks like is available at:­-nexus-one-htc-android.htm

  • Anonymous

mark-in-az, 05 Jan 2010you cant get the phone unless you pay the 529 or get an invidual... moreYeah, that blows. I hope HD2 will be available for existing Family plan subscribers.

  • Anonymous

I think the roller ball would start to annoy me after about 10 seconds, shame as it will stop me buying it. Will have to cough up the extra £200 for the N900 now.

Is there any reason why it stands out soooo much.

  • Anonymous

None doesnt have high quality camera and video capture. x10 does imo.
None doesnt have simple and pretty GUI. x10 does
x10 looks better imo.

  • Android10

I want to know, which phone is better the nexus one or the Sony Ericsson X10 and why. I was always planning on getting the X10 but this is available now and not in Feb. Someone please give me some advice.

  • Anonymous

Hey Gsmarena, Google has set up a Youtube page for the Nexus One at:

It's got 3d Tours, App previews and more. Hope you find it useful. Thanks

  • Johnny

Decent dualsim and I can buy it... my HD2 is better than this one from Google so I will keep hugging my HD2 until Nokia releases their own set of dualsims. Google should have or should be making a dualsim phone for their is market for dualsim oh boy!

  • Hughesers

If this had dual active SIM I'd have snapped one up. I can't believe that manufacturers still haven't made a decent Dual SIM smartphone. Acer appears to be the only one after buying Eten, but the DX900 is sadly lacking in quality and support.
I've heard a rumour that Nokia will be offering a range of Dual SIM phones this year.

Hughesers. Brisbane, Australia.

  • err... correct links

pcdsim, 05 Jan 2010There's some conflicting specs on wi-fi (both official) Google p... more­e_tech_specs.html­tion.html