Google takes Android One to Africa with the $87 Infinix Hot 2

18 August, 2015
Google's affordable smartphone program has so far been available only in certain parts of Asia.

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  • Achmad kevyn aljundy
  • thu
  • 15 Feb 2021

Very good😒

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    • boomba
    • CAS
    • 04 Nov 2018

    Infinix has amazing smartphones, It's time for gsmarena to include them to in it's website.

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      • majidgh
      • fmg
      • 13 Jul 2017

      infinix brand on gsmarena please

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        • hola
        • fqQ
        • 12 Feb 2017

        infinix zero 4 plus very good phone

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          • Jason
          • f}Q
          • 15 Nov 2016

          wizard swiz, 06 Feb 2016infinix is good but camera skunk as all Asian smart camera'... moreReally? How about Sony, Lenovo, Huawei, Oppo, Lenovo, Samsung etc.? All manufactured in Asian right?

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            • AnonD-329309
            • Nt2
            • 22 Oct 2016

            why gsmarena did't care about infinix brand ??

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              • boomba
              • rrm
              • 30 Sep 2016

              boomba , 29 Sep 2016haha you haters might be sick or something these smartphon... moreinfinix hot 3

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                • boomba
                • r01
                • 29 Sep 2016

                haha you haters might be sick or something these smartphones are sweet go and compare the smartphones specs with one's from top brands at the Dame price,you will weep with shame.
                Yeah good smarphones with good features at a bargain
                PS I'm using the Infinity hot 3

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                  • Sakora
                  • fuv
                  • 25 Jul 2016

                  Oh I love this phone. Am using one actually.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • rAP
                    • 05 May 2016

                    Anonymous, 04 Nov 2015Saving downloaded media on the phones internal memory is a ... moreremove the guset user ..

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                      • c
                      • aj6
                      • 24 Apr 2016

                      ekom, 02 Jan 2016This fone is a waste of cash....i hate that sound it makes ... moreYou can use music as ringtones by downloading es file explorer and select your music

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                        • kobby
                        • NX}
                        • 06 Mar 2016

                        we really need a phone which the battery can least long, this can this fon battery least

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                          • AnonD-120243
                          • YQe
                          • 02 Mar 2016

                          first thing first.. what do you expect with this low-budgeted smartphone you can get in the market? should you compare it with another phone with higher price, same specs? or should we accept the fact that this phone only cost $87, with all it contains..

                            • ?
                            • Anonymous
                            • uEx
                            • 14 Feb 2016

                            It is a great cellphone for low budget. But I see some problems. First the body is a rigid plastic, and you can see through it even though it is hard. Idk if it is the strongest plastic material or not. Then because it is a see-through body, the LED at front sometimes messed up with some lights when you are taking selfies.

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                              • wizard swiz
                              • rvt
                              • 06 Feb 2016

                              infinix is good but camera skunk as all Asian smart camera's phones

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                                • Saniyasnaini
                                • r3H
                                • 28 Jan 2016

                                Thanks to INFINIX and Google for this Beautiful offering. My friends (who I recommended the phone to) already got the Marshmallow-Android 6.0 OTA- as promised by Google. However, I refused to get the INFINIX Hot2 myself because the so-called 5inch screen was taken over by the on-screen soft keys and the top dark space on the face of the phone. The top and bottom areas have really taken a big chunk off the 5inch screen. That was dumb and careless of infinix. And they are real deal breakers for me!I hope someone from INFINIX is listening,and such carelessness will be avoided in the future as a smartphone's is part of its credit.
                                Finally, I hope Gsmarena will include INFINIX in their ALL OTHER BRANDS list. Thanks.

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                                  • AnonD-373878
                                  • 3Yg
                                  • 24 Jan 2016

                                  Guys ! I am using this phone in UAE......i got its 4 updates in couple of months .......value phone under 100 dollar bucks ......Today i got its Marshmallow update 6.0 ....... Even my LG G3 is still running on 5.0.1 .....
                                  My friend's Samsung galaxy S5 is also running on Lollipop ......thank you Google to introduce Andoid One phones ....

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • r0q
                                    • 19 Jan 2016

                                    mirza, 01 Dec 2015plz tell me infinix hot 2 is supported OTG i mean usb flash ? Yeah infinix hot2 supports USB on the go, however not in the current android one software that it comes with. If you want to have the OTG support you will have to take it to a customer care centre where they will install the custom infinix operating system

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                                      • AnonD-486569
                                      • fwf
                                      • 10 Jan 2016

                                      This Phone is cool but i don't really like the camera, it's not up to my expectation. It's worth $87.00.

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                                        • Pakk
                                        • fmg
                                        • 06 Jan 2016

                                        There is no value for money in this fon. It's a total wack