Google takes Android One to Africa with the $87 Infinix Hot 2

18 August, 2015
Google's affordable smartphone program has so far been available only in certain parts of Asia.

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  • insider

Nadalion, 18 Aug 2015finally i can own an android1 phone In Nigeria, thank you Google.Thank you Google and Infinix

  • Anonymous

wow. Not bad at all

  • Mahmoud

Fade., 18 Aug 2015When the heck is Android One coming to Europe?Probably never because android one is targeted at poor countries

  • lucky

thy know Nigeria is one of the country that buys higher phones


Nice one,I will buy it asap.

  • skibang

Wow great phone with nice specs

  • pd1155

a great deal of course... yet inflation of African's currency will bump the price of this phone high

  • AnonD-431112

Great, a glass back, so when you drop it and it shatters it will cost you more in the long run.

This is Africa,
When the phone land in Tanzania, it will be priced at usd 150

  • AnonD-368234

finally, nice entry level phone.......but google should do more to make a nice midrange android one one

  • Fade.

When the heck is Android One coming to Europe?

  • AnonD-380835

Thats nice google...keep it up

  • AnonD-286059

I am not a fan of the Infinix brand. I am intrigued by the AndroidOne range but time will tell how this translates.

  • wow

This thing is almost better specs that half the androids out there...even beats 90% of all iphones ever sold.

finally i can own an android1 phone In Nigeria, thank you Google.