Google takes Android One to Africa with the $87 Infinix Hot 2

18 August, 2015
Google's affordable smartphone program has so far been available only in certain parts of Asia.

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  • AnonD-431639

Please kindly review the new infinix hot 2 as soon as possible please

  • Coolsaam

can i purchase this phone???

  • Uzorgod

Apart from the 2200 mAH battery, the phone is dope.

  • Anonymous

Google should take a look at TECNO they got better phones like tecno phantomZ and tecno boom j7

  • Anonymous

How much were you paid for you to make such comments like, thank you Google, Infinix if better than iPhone, what's so special in this phone at over N17,000? That's the minimum wage in Nigeria if I'm not mistaken.

  • Abubakar

Thank u infinix mobile, but the battery is too poor.

  • AnonD-419488

Mahmoud, 18 Aug 2015Probably never because android one is targeted at poor countriesYou silly for calling a country like Nigeria poor

  • AnonD-297276

What are you talking about dude ? Who are you calling ""No One" ? If you don't like Android phones, don't buy them ! But remember this: these Infinix Hot 2 Google phones will sell like wildfire.

  • Anonymous

More like Android No one, as in no one wants your cheap Lagdroid phones. Lol

Imagine the first minutes the phone come online today and its sold out already that's how well people like it and i hope this is the beginning of good things with Google in Nigeria

  • capt

Fade., 18 Aug 2015When the heck is Android One coming to Europe?Never :p

  • Tshigofatso

South Africa!!!!!!! please get it soon..or maybe i must resell

  • layman2

Fade., 18 Aug 2015When the heck is Android One coming to Europe?it is already available in turkey which is in europe.

  • Ememem

I hope Android One is coming to South Africa in the near future as well!

  • AnonD-368234

pd1155, 18 Aug 2015a great deal of course... yet inflation of African's curren... morethe phone is already in africa at 87$, What inflation

  • AnonD-431187

Really great idea, thanks infinix.

  • great man

Wow time to try android core phone made for my own country NIGERIA.

  • Chovy

please bring these phones to Bolivia artas sales here and we will have the necessary number of cellular hes

  • rudebwai

[deleted post]stop bieng critics about the country africa. you don't need to post comments such foolish as yours. not all countries are rich. have you hear about the saying "money don't buy love". btw, the phone is reasonable and seems that it will work for certain aspects.

  • Rocky

Bwahahahaha... I laugh in Mandarin. This is just PR bullcrap that the western world plays with the third world. Anyone with a laptop can search for infinix Zero 2 which I found out was the latest offering costing 35,000 naira about 200 dollars as well. It comes with a 3000mah battery, 5.1 lollipop and 2 gig ram at 32gb rom. But the'd rather let the world think they don't get the latest phones so they can sell them at a cheaper rate to the third world.