Samsung Galaxy Note5 battery life test

24 August, 2015
Samsung surely raised a few eyebrows by equipping the Galaxy Note5 with a smaller battery than its predecessor. The newcomer’s 3,000mAh unit is also non-removable, so we were quite curious to put it through the rigors of our battery test.

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  • Anonymous

and now : Samsung punishes its customers:Battery and SD card (probably in anxiety for its next models!)

  • Punisher

Horrible battery life by 'note' standards....21 hours battery life with 3.5 hours screen time...mostly used for snapchat,facebook and instagram....wifi on only when in use.

  • Jag

In my Note 5 phone, the charge can withstand only 3.83 hrs for web browsing.

  • AnonD-486444

my note 5 battery life is 16 to 17 hours with 4 n half hour of screen on time. gaming for 1 hour(clash of clan), web browsing 1 hour. calling 2 hours. wifi is always on.
i have seen some people saying they get more than one day of battery life with 8 hours screen on time.

  • jj

Anonymous, 26 Aug 2015No one reads this.I did

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Aug 2015No one reads this.i did

  • Anonymous

the only thing which disturbs me is the video test score. it honestly doesnt make any sense , for the fact that the resolutions and everything are close to identical on the 2 phones . The battery difference between the 2 is a 6.3% difference. which is highly reflected in the other 2 tests, but the video test when there literally pushing out the same resolutions as each other is a whopping 22.5% difference in battery performance?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-152638, 25 Aug 2015There are probably a few reasons to why Samsung chose to use a s... moreNo one reads this.

The whole idea of using smaller battery is bizzar! These rates means nothing. Give me real life usage.
I had to change my Note 4 and still looses its power adter 12 hours at work. The only thing I use it for are: reading news and GSM arena. What else can you do at work if you dont have social medias?
The idea of sealed battery is only good in one area: extended batteries will have to use it, instead of ditchinh it.

AnonD-152638, 25 Aug 2015There are probably a few reasons to why Samsung chose to use a s... moreYou sound legit but when I think about it, the phones you describe Samsung should produce would seem so outdated. 1080p display on a premium Samsung phone for 2015 and partially 2016? That would suck big time! No matter how often I thought Samsung does crazy stuff to piss of their fans, eventually it somehow proves more rational.

Since I got the Note 4 there is no need for me to upgrade since the Note 4 is both beautiful and powerful. I am really looking forward to see the S7 and Note 6 now. The bar is set high.

  • AnonD-152638

There are probably a few reasons to why Samsung chose to use a smaller capacity batery.
But most of them, just makes me think they should have introduced a S6+ along with the S6 Edge+.

Thinner, to compete with the latest offerings from Apple.
No, the note has that extra digitizer layer for the pen.
It also has to fit the pen inside the unit.
So it will not compete with the upcoming iPhone 6S Plus in that regard.

Thinner design, to offer better handling.
Yes, sure. On the Note 2 i could reach the whole screen while holding the device (not the very top left corner, but there is nothing there that you have to reach).
From Note 3 and on, the display is to high.
Given that the Note 5 is thinner, and has rounded edges, I might be able to reach the whole screen again.
If that is the case, that would only affect a small fraction of all users, so that is no reason.

Ok, a smaller battery weights slightly less.
Yet again, this is the note series, it already has that extra digitizer layer and pen that adds to the weight. I think note users would accept that extra weight (or perhaps same weight as the previous, over going down in battery capacity).

Keep in mind that wireless charging does add to the thickness and weight of the device. If those figures were really critical, Samsung should have skipped that, since wireless charging still hasn't had a real breakthrough.

That leaves charging times.
By using a smaller battery, they can post better charging times for the device.
On the other hand, I think most Note buyers would accept the longer charging times. You would still get as much juice in your battery if you do a quick charge up.
90 minutes as it takes now, is more time than most tasks take, so you will not simply be able to charge it while doing daily tasks. Meaning that you do have to set aside time to charge it, if you don't do that over night. And then those extra percent in charging times has little effect. (it will not charge while you watch your favourite show on the TV, it wont charge while you get yourself ready and so on)
And yet again, this is the note series. A S6+ would be a better device to use when bragging about charging times.

The figures aren't bad.
But surf is worse than on S6, S6 Edge and Note 4, and even those were lagging behind the best.
If it had at least beaten those, even if it was just by minutes, at least we would have felt there was progress.

When it comes to video playback, that was quite a surprise that it did so much worse than the Note 4. However, it's still among the very best.

Endurance rating, is a bit of a letdown.
Ok, so it is among the best of the flagships, but that doesnt say a lot.
And it doesnt have the modem integrated in the Soc.
But you would still like to see some progress here.
With that kind of moderate use, the endurance rating can never be too high.

They really should have fitted the Note 5 with a bigger battery.

If Samsung wants to do their best trying to battle with Apple.
I think they should have done this instead.
Launch a S6+ series to be fresh in time for the launch of the iPhones. But the + should not indicate size. Now they only have the S6 that is half a year old, to take on the smaller iPhone, the one that actually sells the best, doesn't seem like the best strategy.
I would have liked to se S6+ S and S6+ Edge S, where S is small. It should come with about 4.7" display. Full HD resolution. To take on the normal iPhone.
M and Edge M, with the same display as the original S6/Edge.
And two L devices, with the displays of Note 5 and S6 Edge+
They should have done their very best to make sure to have that new chip with integrated modem was ready.
They should have had USB 3.0 or 3.1 with USB C connector, and if possible faster charging to come with that (depends if the battery could take it).
They should have been equipped with 4GB of RAM (to offer at least some hardware upgrade to the original S6).
They should have redesigned the none edge version, with that back edge design as the Note5 got.
They should have also launched exclusively with 64GB of storage, to try to drive down costs for that option.
They should have looked at Sony, and put a small tag that you draw out in the SIM slot, instead of having that ugly FCC and so on text on the back.
They should have then also cancelled the S6 and S6 Edge, except for perhaps one colour of the S6 (none edge), 32GB, and have that selling at a lower price.

And they should have launched the Note 5 as well. (with USB C and that new chipset, at least 64GB of storage, but perhaps a 128GB option with thise one).
But here I think, that they should have perhaps kept the removable battery (but still offer wireless charging). It might not be a thing for most users, but with a complete series of S6+ devices, even matching the screen (except for the pen digitizer), the note buyers would probably be willing to accept a less impressive design, for the fact that they do get the option to remove the battery, even if still most buyers would never take advantage of that, they would know that they were buying the device more aimed for the power users/pro user, since it comes with that pen.

I think they should have then also launched the Note5 Power User Pack. Including a spare battery, an extra quick charger, an external battery charger, that can be used for carrying your spare battery and that supports wireless charing (so that you could use either the supplied power adaptor, or just put it on a charger pad), a slim plastic box for carrying the extra battery if yu dont want to bring the much bulkier charger.
And it should include a super slimmed USB-C MicroSD card reader, that has a very small USB-C connector, and that has the Micro SD card sitting along the back of the phone, so that it can sit on the device, whilst its beeing used. To not compromise the performance of the device, micro SD cards, should really only be used as OTG storage. You can have your media collection on it, and you could use it as a backup. That way it wont slow down your gallery, or affect picture to picture times, for example. That way you can also use multiple Micro SD cards, without loosing your offline streaming media, as that is strictly saved in the main memory, the same goes for offline Maps.

  • Anonymous

With a smaller battery, their own powerbank can charge faster and looks efficient. Imagine if it is 4000mAh, the Samsung powerbank will look like a useless product charging slowly...

AnonD-433241, 24 Aug 2015Funny that you should use a spare tire as an example, since the ... moreAnd as much as my tech geek side likes the S Pen being better, that sealed battery worries me too much. Not the memory expansion, as I found a $70 wifi wireless media device i can plug in with my spare 240GB SSD.

No matter how I try to rationalize it in my mind, even getting a "free" retention unit for my service renewal, I'd end up to an unsatisfactory battery performance within the first year of my 2-year contract.

A Note 4 is mightily looking pretty good than a Note.5. I usually cycle 3 batteries for my owned 3 Galaxy Notes. My first battery of my Note 3 after 18 months can only last me half of its original capacity. From 12 hours of heavy always on use, now to 5 to 6 hours.

Take note everyone, the sealed battery is out of sight, and out of mind. That battery indicator - 100% will not give you the same number of hours of use after 5-6 months as the very impressive performance now. You'll really need to plug in a whole lot more with that powerbank, wall charger, or that free fast wireless charger that ironically shortens that battery charge hold.

  • Anonymous

recruta, 24 Aug 2015It's true. I heard people saying that the battery of the Note 4 ... moreI'm sure in your universe there's only one note 4 that exists? Not everyone has the same phone and usage pattern mr smarty pants... Wow, and go get a phone that lasts less than 5.5 hours and make yourself useful in life then.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Aug 2015here comes the guy that says "go over to xda forum"...... moreJust giving my 2 cents worth. Don't get all worked up. Got to get to grips with yourself man.. Did I just insulted your favourite phone unknowingly? Kid.

  • AnonD-433241

TheNeighbor, 24 Aug 2015Don't need a spare tire when you drive? Yes, you don't need o... moreFunny that you should use a spare tire as an example, since the 2014 Volt I bought last year didn't come with a spare tire. It came with a tire repair kit and free roadside assistance instead. LOL

I get your point about the charging cycles though. I would guess that with most major carriers offering at least yearly upgrade options, Samsung probably expects its users to be getting the new model every year, which would take care of the charging cycle limitation, although that seems like a cheap tactic to get people to constantly be buying new phones.

AnonD-433241, 24 Aug 2015I'm having trouble imagining the use case in which a removable b... moreDon't need a spare tire when you drive?

Yes, you don't need one till there something wrong with one.

Same concept.

Batteries have 300 to 500 charging cycles. As some technician wrote in another forum, if you aren't that heavy user, you can visually inspect your battery, and cycle them every 3 to 4 months at a time. It's not about continuous usage, it's about maintenance.

Actually you're suppose to keep the charge between 40 to 80% to triple the charging cycles for effective charge holds.

recruta, 24 Aug 2015It's true. I heard people saying that the battery of the Note 4 ... moreGee, I got like 8 hours of screen time over a year ago on my Note 3.

Does that qualify me with "not have anything to do in his life"?

  • AnonD-433241

I'm having trouble imagining the use case in which a removable battery is absolutely essential to someone. Given that all of the battery tests I've seen so far for the Note 5 easily put it at 12+ hours of continuous use, it would have to be a person who uses their phone non-stop for more than 12 hours a day and also is unable to plug it into even a portable charger for 15 minutes at any point during the day. The number of people who will encounter this situation more than occasionally has got to be extremely small, even if we conservatively estimate only 8 hours of continuous use.

I get that there's a convenience factor with a replaceable battery. I have the LG G4 and it came with a spare battery. I've used it once, and yes, it was convenient, but without it, I would have just plugged in my phone for a few minutes. My experience with my Note 4 (which I never had a replaceable battery for) was that quick charge easily got me an additional 30% battery life in fifteen minutes. I'm definitely not saying that a removable battery isn't a nice thing to have, I'm just genuinely having trouble understanding why that would be a dealbreaker for so many people. It seems like such a trivial detail for all but just a handful of people.

Anonymous, 24 Aug 2015here comes the guy that says "go over to xda forum"...... moreIt's true. I heard people saying that the battery of the Note 4 is bad and I can't understand how someone could say that. Note 4's battery can last 5.5 hours of screen on in just one charge. A person that needs more than that does not have anything to do in his life; he must be a lazy guy that lives and is supported by parents and has all the day free to use the smartphone.