Meet the Nokia 222 and 222 Dual-SIM: leftovers from a previous era

25 August, 2015
With prices starting at $37 (before taxes and subsidies) these are only for regions with poor access to cheapo smartphones.

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  • Anon23

MdN8, 25 Aug 2015Exactly, S40 phones support Java apps and games, themes, more op... moreThis is s30+ worse than s30 in my opnion can't even put more than one number under a name. Also the options are very confusing series 30 was much simpler to use. Series 40 was much better imo hope the real nokia makes a basic phone like this again

  • Aikon

2.4" 320x240 is a nice screen size and resolution. Does it have WiFi?

  • ithehappy

AnonD-433922, 26 Aug 2015Whilst it seems silly to buy a 2G only phone when telcos around ... moreOf course, it is intended for developing market. You will be surprised that 2G still is in wide use here in India, and I bet its not going to go away in next 100 years.

  • Ulugbek

if they put flashlight by the camera it would better. Has nokia producers bad imagination?

  • Anonymous

i wish this fone have 5mp camera coz 2mp just too small now days. is this support whatsapp?

  • AnonD-433922

Whilst it seems silly to buy a 2G only phone when telcos around the world are shutting down their 2G networks, I guess this is designed for developing markets.

  • expert

They have to make it thinner. At least 9mm to be considered. Otherwise it's another piece of soap.

  • lol

Raj, 25 Aug 2015Such phones are nice, they should have these features as well: ... moreif they made like that, the price will similar to entry level smartphone that price around 70usd for example android one.

What does this mean? "They can run close to 50 hours if the phone is off."

  • AWallis

what about a larger smartphone 4.5 with this type of key pad. Now that would be a great blend of old and new Unique too

  • AWallis

Even the look of these its so easy to see Nokia stylish designs. Its cute too.
back in the hey day these would be to die for and there's nothing wrong having these little guys around. Why not build on a classic, have it just a tiny tiny bit larger, bring in the Wi-Fi and little camera extra oomph and presto, you would have a little winner on your hands I think

  • AnonD-152638

The problem with dreaming up specs for featurephones is that each of those components costs extra.
And when the total cost rises, the percentage of what it would cost extra to instead turn it in to smartphone goes down.

Back when featurephones were the thing, those with high specs werent ecactly cheap, even though they were cheaper than todays flagships.

  • AnonD-152638

hosan, 25 Aug 2015I don't think so. All Nokia Service Center in my city still own... moreThis announcement was made by Microsoft, themselves.
So yes, these are Microsoft Nokia devices, no question about it.

  • AnonD-425418

I wish we could install whatsapp into it. Would love to buy it for my Dad.

  • AnonD-212727

Anonymous, 25 Aug 2015Don't forget to add Samsung galaxy note 5 and Samsung galaxy s6 ... moreI dont have the Note 5 or GS6+ yet haha. Awkwardly I JUST bought the G4, HTC and GS6 like 4 weeks ago and love them. They are my first real Flagship Droids. And really my first only droid I tried out was back in 2013 with the LG Optimus L7 and despite it being low to mid range it was a pretty sweet phone but it was short lived

  • Raj

Such phones are nice, they should have these features as well:
- S40 or better, or WebOS or Tizen
- Should be a flip phone with better screen PPI
- Should have at least 5 MP BSI sensor based rear camera.

AnonD-381966, 25 Aug 2015this phone very similar with my nokia 215.. sms capacity is smal... moreExactly, S40 phones support Java apps and games, themes, more options etc, etc. This is S30, I tried one S30 Nokia from my friend and it is really just a cute basic phone. I don't know why Nokia still makes S30 phones when S40 can be made at probably the same price.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-212727, 25 Aug 2015As owner of iPhone %s, Blackberry Classic, Z30, Z10, GS6, G4, an... moreDon't forget to add Samsung galaxy note 5 and Samsung galaxy s6 edge +...

Such a phone would be nice when it has wifi, that is an extra feature and ideal if you need a simple phone when you're travelling, but with wifi in a hotel you can easily read and check mail, some social apps too.

  • dom

lg user, 25 Aug 2015well feature phones remenbers me when muscis players were the re... moreYour absolutely right!! Lot's of memory