HTC A9 (Aero) gets photographed in the wild looking like an iPhone

25 August, 2015
This is supposedly going to be HTC's new flagship smartphone, launching before the end of 2015.

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I can see a big Bezel on the bottom with HTC written all over it....

  • Anon

Anonymous, 26 Aug 2015htc is only business because of the first iphone...... so if ... moreSigh, if you're going to do the blame game apple copied pda's happy?.. get your facts straight, Android beta got released before iPhone 1st gen, means android was ahead of ios, who invented the 1st android (hint:read the topic of this news) and then talk ;)

  • Jhkr

Now days every Smart phone companies try to copy Iphone .They are just loosing their identity and promoting the iphone N apple . what an ironical world is this.......???

  • Haplo

They had fantastic design with M7. Still the most beautifull phone ever, IMVHO.
There were some really awesome renders for M9 also (unfortunately not from HTC). And now they came up with... this? Soap-Apple design?

Shame..... Shame..... Shame.....

  • AnonD-123996

Get ready for patent infringement and lawsuit games XD

  • Anonymous

*correction* iPhone copied 2013 HTC flagship, One M7. I can't believe some of y'all believe the description

  • AnonD-430264

Anonymous, 26 Aug 2015htc is only business because of the first iphone...... so if ... morePretty sure I was making calls on my Pocket PC before the 1st iPhone. So if anything, we should be thanking Microsoft and Windows based Pocket PC's, not Apple - for your rant. ;)

  • blighter

AnonD-430264, 25 Aug 2015Pretty sure the iPhone 5s had the glass back when the HTC One M7... morei agree, completely biased "news". M7 had those stripes way back and they were invented by HTC, which Apple then copied.

  • AnonD-426816

The antenna lines were HTC's idea, waaaay back in 2013 & later came the iphone 6.... Are we clear GSMARENA!!! 😝😝😝&#128­541;😝😝

  • sax

It is gonna be that apple looks like htc because that back of htc is much older than iPhone...

  • Anonymous

another 'apple wanna be'

  • AnonD-349175

Well, the placement of engraved words "HTC" at the bottom of phone are placed in such a way that makes me conclude that the existence of "Black Bar" is inevitable. Now, if this happens why would people be buying the same black bars which they didn't like in M9 and also people would more or less feel that its an iPhone clone.
Well, HTC would surely be re-writing the history of Nokia. They have been thrashed on stock market but are still alive. This time, they will loose their business totally.

  • Anonymous

Does a curve corner mean iPhone 6?
HTC m7 design slightly change to m8 than m9 then a9.
It's more look like m8. Just without primary camera. I believe it's HTC Authentic Design and I love it. All mobile look can be similar look except rectangular design to triangle or pentagon or hexagon. Lol.

  • AnonD-433730

Actually, it was iPhone 6 and 6 Plus who copied HTC One M9(M7, M8) because iPhone had the chamfered edges before iPhone 6 and Plus. Look at M7, M8 and M9 and iPhone 5 and 6 for you to understand.

  • Mailman

Anonymous, 26 Aug 2015htc is only business because of the first iphone...... so if ... moreAre you sure Apple made touch screen phone before htc?
Htc had touch screen phones, before iPhone 1. If you want to thank apple for something then you can be happy for high prices what comes from Apple. Other companies running after that and hoping to get large profit like Apple.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-184332, 26 Aug 2015the right is iCopyhtc is only business because of the first iphone......

so if anything right now, HTC's smart phones looks like the original iphone, because of it was not for iphone 1, we still be using flip phones.

so if apple actually never released the 1st iphone, HTC probably wouldn't even exist today, Samsung will still be making crappy flip phones....

so if anything everyone right now is copying the 1st iphone, android lovers are accusing apple of copying a phone, that is based off their 1st design? You guys don't even make any sense but blame everything on apple? get a life.

Looking like an iPhone? I followed Vlad's articles and there always seems to be an Apple favoritism, unfortunately. The shape itself looks like the HTC Desire 816, launched months before the iPhone 6. The white antenna lines on the back... should I say that this reception solution is HTC's idea (like in the 2013 One M7)? And also, the camera is always placed in the middle on their phones, they didn't change that "because of Apple". Therefore, the phone on the right is the actual copycat. Sorry...

  • AnonD-184332

iCopy, 25 Aug 2015htc: how to copy the right is iCopy

  • AnonD-184332

Hello......HTC A9 looks like iPhone ? The Right is ... iPhone looks like HTC M7, M8, & M9, which M7 released far2 away before iPhone 6 and the first phone using a metal base case. And the others fact, HTC create an innovative smartphone far2 away before Apple think that they want to built a smartphone. Check the HTC milestones dude....While the others phone still using a keypad, HTC already build a touch screen smartphone, started from PDA and PDA Phone (Resistive touch / using a stylus too) eg. Compaq, XDA, XDA II, etc... Next They create a touch phone too (capacitive touch screen) e.g. HTC Touch.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-323240, 26 Aug 2015HTC Nexus One its from January 2010 and it has metal design, and... moreAre you sure? More than happy to admit i'm wrong :) but couldn't find anything that says the htc nexus one had a metal body. Got any links?