Lava to enter Mexican smartphone market

08 September, 2015
Internationally, the company already has a presence in SAARC nations, and has also recently started selling its handsets in Indonesia and Myanmar.

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  • Amy

Wow thats excellent!!
Congrats lava!
Bt update lava x8 with 4g and lollipop at same price 8499

  • Stealth

Haha...hilarious. Try fixing the indian market first. Pathetic phones and equally bad services. I bought IRIS X1 sometime ago, it's been a nightmare since then.

Can't trust Lava anymore. I don't think they are going to do well in Mexico either.

  • AnonD-399514

Lava bad service

  • AnonD-104517

volcano means magma, LAVA, pyroclastic rock ;)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

Why pixel v2 a downgrade? 5inch display? Only 2500mah? Stop copying iphone design. Stop downgrading like samsung.