Meizu chooses 1080p resolution for its next flagship smartphone

08 September, 2015
The tidbit has been revealed by none other than Meizu CEO Aber Bai himself, today on Weibo.

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  • 3ay
  • 09 Sep 2015

I like this no non-sense way that this people at Miezo thinks!

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    • Kgf
    • 09 Sep 2015

    He certainly has a point, thr Exynos 7420 is beastly in terms of raw performance, but even the octacore Mali GPU can't get over 20-25 fps on demanding games etc. at QHD. I'd rather take the 'softer' 1080p screen with so much power to spare.
    Also let's not forget that browsing on a QHD screen is slower on the same internet connection speed because of the fact that all graphical assets that are fetched are bigger in filesize vs. those needed for a 1080p screen.

      AnonD-352420, 09 Sep 2015No wonder since the helio x20 will lack gpu powerStill better than SD810. Besides it will use Exynos 7420.

      1080p is a great choice btw. 2K is not much better for VR and that's what we are aiming for.

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        • T-Ill
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        • 09 Sep 2015

        Huge mistake..their QHD was one of the best last year that actually made a difference from 1080p..screen had too much shine, was It was perfect for media.. going back to 1080p now is so sad

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          • 09 Sep 2015

          Meizu mx4 my worst android

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            • 09 Sep 2015

            No wonder since the helio x20 will lack gpu power