Apple officially unveils the iPhone 6s with 3D Touch display

09 September, 2015
The iPhone 6s keeps the exterior of the iPhone 6, but boasts updated internals under the hood.

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  • Tim

I'm failing to see the hype around 3D touch that isn't already available. For example long press any notification setting trays you to the settings page. Tap enable/disable. And then Samsung Air View - wave your finger over a photo, calendar, movie and the like and you get a preview. No touch necessary. Seems to be all market hoe and no real substance/benefit (aka gimmick)

  • AnonD-9000

AnonD-359894, 10 Sep 2015It seems to me that Nokia symbian touch phones were able to do s... moreLol clearly u havent use iphone before tap and hold existed in first gen iphone already, what they offer now is how the screen recognize the force or pressure u tap the screen.. Mind ur ignorance

  • AnonD-359894

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2015now what ? android already have it since 1999 ?It seems to me that Nokia symbian touch phones were able to do same things like Apple 3D touch. 3D touch is nothing just "tap and hold" and then menu/options will pop up.
I think, without apple's fake innovative display, any phone can do the same things just by software integration.
Just try to remember your symbian experiences if you have.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2015Wow looks so different to iPhone 6 bye bye iPhone hello android ... moreAs if you even own an iPhone, lol

  • CoolBeans

After watching the event, it made me want to try Android. The simplicity that I found in the OS after experiencing the 6 was great, no doubt, but overall made me feel confined. The 3D Touch feature just topped it regardless of how useful it may be. I guess I like the idea of a bit more complexity and steps in accessing something. We'll see, I'll end up buying it anyway hahahaha. Can't get away from the photo quality though.

  • AnonD-438992

AnonD-438973, 09 Sep 2015ios is smoother than android lol maybe in your dreams. not only ... moreAndroid is smoother? Tell that to the Samsung S3 owners like me who had to wait 10 seconds for the dial app to start. That was know samsung problem. And i had rooted it and beat the crap out of it and still it was laggy. Now my lumia 1320 serves me like a propher phone. Android is good, but only for a tablet. For a daily runner on a phone it's not good

  • aspekd

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2015Okay name 3 things your precious overpriced kids toy can do that... morethe overpriced action figures and barbies cant keep their legs closed and not wide open.

overpriced hotwheels appreciate with age, you depreciate

overpriced lego are crap by itself but can be rebuildable to make better things, unfortunately you neither change or become better haha

  • Anonymous

Thicker iPhone...

Goes to say that the iPhone 6 did bend as per last year's release requiring a readjustment.
Aside from this there is nothing new here but media make big hype because it's Apple...

  • Anonymous

Tom, 09 Sep 2015Pretty sure the lotus is substantially cheaper than an m3....No it is not

  • zero_be

seems to me that this "3D touch" BS is there to compensate for the lack of back/context button on every android device. "You can now press harder to see the full image" or i can just tap it and hit back it's easier maybe faster and i don't have to look like an idiot for pressing hard on capacitive touchscreen..

  • RayenX

wer, 09 Sep 2015yeah complain about 1gb ram , low camera etc but you will see it... more"beats"? lol, beats in what exactly? I hate Samsung, but the only thing that Apple beats is the logic of it's silly fanboys customers :))
You're brainwashed into believing that it beats everything

  • Tom

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2015The lotus Elise is more money than a BMW m3 and the BMW has luxu... morePretty sure the lotus is substantially cheaper than an m3....

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2015Only unknowledgeable people are tricked into thinking "high... moreThe lotus Elise is more money than a BMW m3 and the BMW has luxury included as well as a powerful engine the lotus is a tiny little shell of a car with practically no amenities

  • Anonymous

Tom, 09 Sep 2015I'll agree to an extent android phones are very awesome technolo... moreExplain to me how it is so horrible

  • AnonD-434335

Can't wait to get one.. :)

  • Anonymous

wer, 09 Sep 2015yeah complain about 1gb ram , low camera etc but you will see it... moreOnly unknowledgeable people are tricked into thinking "higher" numbers are better. Apple always had seemingly lower specs but always outperforms other flagships. Same with cars. Why does a lotus elise with a lower HP accelerates almost as fast as a bmw m3 with much higher HP? iOS requires less resources and Apple's cpu+gpu is actually top of the line for what's out there. Manufacturers such as Samsung likes to play the numbers game and indeed, a lot of people fall for it. I think a lot of people forgot how Samsung likes to cheat at benchmarks.

  • AnonD-142922

Hah they had to change title instead of force touch to 3d touch bcos Huawei Mate S FIRST came with this feature !
''3D touch'' omg how 3D am I pressing it ?? :DDD

  • Anonymous

I find it funny that apple charges so high for the 128gb model when in android land its a 45$ purchase for a 128gb card and don't give me that crap about SD cards being terrible I have one and I have no problem recording in 4k

  • Tom

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2015I've had a g3 since it came out and it is, if anything smoother ... moreI'll agree to an extent android phones are very awesome technology wise but android as an OS is nothing short of a mongrel piece of software. I'd still be using Samsung/Sony/lg phones if that horrific lump of software wasn't holding them back.

  • Anonymous

Nice looking phone but for the 5th time in a row there is nothing that makes me go 'WOW I got to get this' there is nothing on this new iPhone that any other handset can already do for half the price, I thought apple were the company that innovates, they just keep rehashing the same old same old and people fall for it