Nokia blesses all its smartphones with free voice-guided navigation

21 January, 2010
Nope, there's no mistake in that title up there. Today, in a swift game-changing maneuver, Nokia announced that all their smartphones get lifetime voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation through Ovi Maps for free...

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  • 10 Aug 2013

Leader leads the way. Everybody has it now, but Nokia got it first to their valuable customers. Interesting quote from Nokia : "You put your trust in our hands, what we put in your's has to match" - Nokia. Respect.

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    • jari
    • pW5
    • 21 May 2012

    TDL, 24 Jan 2010 I down loaded this free voice guided maps to my computer a... moreThere is no free navigation program for N79.

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      • Q}3
      • 03 Feb 2011

      Anonymous, 13 Feb 2010would be great if you can clarify my doubt. suppose i have ... moreGPS does not require Internet access. Yes you can download to your computer and then install on your phone. You may also need to download Nokia Suite.

        • a
        • angel
        • 2SN
        • 17 Jul 2010

        i need to know how to activate internet in nokia c5....i hav all setings but when i switch to browser it displays"packet data connection not available" pls help me....

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          • kSk
          • 04 Mar 2010

          Still no new phones for the free navigation. Is this just a marketing strategy that they will have to let you buy a new phone? Why is it taking too long?

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            • skA
            • 13 Feb 2010

            kabute, 27 Jan 2010At first, there are glitches when I upgraded my navigation ... morewould be great if you can clarify my doubt. suppose i have a nokia phone which has GPS device but i do not have internet subscription. can i download nokia maps to my computer and then to the nokia phone?? adn will the turn by turn navigation work fine?

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              • cool
              • uCL
              • 10 Feb 2010

              I got a N79 recently, found the mic is off when I use loudspeaker mode in a car. like i can hear my friend, but he can't hear me. I think it may be cause by the noise cancellation function. Does anyone face this problm? How to fix it? Thank you.

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                • 04 Feb 2010

                Draco, 03 Feb 2010What are you talking about, that E52 is not technicaly perf... moreHey buddy,
                may b u r a lucky one. Nice 2 hear frm u tht u got a nice piece.
                But d fact is fact. There r sm probs like poor netwrk, poor built quality, noise cancellation technology. I gv u n idea in detail.
                Its netwrk chip has been fixed at d bottom of d handset, so whn u grab it in ur hand it wil loose sm netwrk bars in gsm mode.
                It has poor built quality according 2 sm users. Its frame around d body is loose and move either sides 1 mm. Its battery cover is so thin jst like an aluminium foil.
                By default, noise cancelation technology is on and we cn nt switch it off thru firmware. Sm users complaint tht in sm crowdy places when u call sm1, people on other side not able to hear u thanx to d noise cancelation tech. Bcoz it cut all d noises incl ur voise also.

                Sm more proofs tht it has been nt launched in countries like india with large populations. Bcoz if co wil launch in india, than they wil have more no of complains then total no of units sold in sm small countries of europe.

                Thats all frm my side. Sorry, if i hurt u wid my prevous post.

                Thanx and regards.

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                  • Draco
                  • Svf
                  • 03 Feb 2010

                  Nokia fan, 02 Feb 2010Hey tt, free nav is nt for n79. Ya its available with e52 ... moreWhat are you talking about, that E52 is not technicaly perfect? Have you tried it?

                  I am using it since it was relieced, for about half year and there were no problems with it! Everything is working just perfect (wifi, GPS, mail, office, video,audio......) so, in my opinion, its perfect phone. And now, when it has free voice guided navigation, its even better! Your N79 isnt even close to it!

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                    • 02 Feb 2010

                    tt, 29 Jan 2010i decided to buy n79. does it have free budge... moreHey tt,
                    free nav is nt for n79. Ya its available with e52 and 5800 xm. Bt e52 is not technicaly perfect. And i dnt like full touch disply so 5800 is not my taste.
                    I m in a dilemma just like u btwn these 3 models bt i thnk mst probably i'll go for n79.
                    Thats my case.
                    Thanx nd regards.

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                      • tt
                      • PUb
                      • 29 Jan 2010

                      i decided to buy n79. does it have free budget is like 200 euro so should i go for e52 or 5800 besides n79

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                        • MA5
                        • 27 Jan 2010

                        Does it have S60 ui...? if not then its not a SMART phone !

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                          • mEk
                          • 27 Jan 2010

                          Got my free sat nav, wow works fantastic, just like the TomTom well done at last, RIP IPHONE

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                            • Nazim
                            • 2@v
                            • 27 Jan 2010

                            Kudos to Nokia for this drastic move.

                            One thing which i've noticed on my E72 is that the digital compass is gone. It's changed to a different compass and is not working the way it was in the previous Ovi Maps version.
                            Can someone assist or help me with this?


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                              • 27 Jan 2010

                              Free navigation is in n97(

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                                • 27 Jan 2010

                                AGAIN AND AGAIN....
                                support for the older smartphones are currently on going so try to be PATIENT people. Dont know its meaning? Try searching your head for it!

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • S35
                                  • 27 Jan 2010

                                  not ALL nokia smatrphones are supported..which is pants!! i have en e71 and it wont work :(

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                                    • Rajat Mahadevan
                                    • vGf
                                    • 27 Jan 2010

                                    TDL, 24 Jan 2010 I down loaded this free voice guided maps to my computer a... moreI also have a N79 but in the website the free lifetime navigation is not listed for did u do that friend??

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                                      • kabute
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                                      • 27 Jan 2010

                                      ooops, I mean kinetic scrolling...pardon me for the typo.

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                                        • kabute
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                                        • 27 Jan 2010

                                        At first, there are glitches when I upgraded my navigation feature of my 5800. I learned that you should first remove your Nokia maps that was originally in the unit..then go Ovi Store or check your application update widget and initiate your update. It worked finally, when I did this procedure. I also used my Ovi Map loader in my PC to download new maps in different regions. It took me awhile but now my 5800 has a superb navigation would be nice if Nokia include a digital compass in the next firmware update besides kinetic strolling.