Android-powered BlackBerry Priv officially confirmed

25 September, 2015
BlackBerry confirmed that the Android slider is coming later this year, but no exact date or further information was given.

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  • Behzab

The design is very beautiful and wonderful, but if stretched length-to-width ratio will be more beautiful and the camera lens is more than the surrounding surface and the level will be more beautiful body.

  • pups

yes i agree it should be cheap.....

  • fapp

Anonymous, 01 Oct 2015OS looks ugly compared to BB 10it is android original os noob.

  • Anonymous

OS looks ugly compared to BB 10

  • JT

I hope it's not too expensive. It should be cheaper than lg g4 and Samsung s6. I will buy if the price is cheaper than lg g4 dan samsung s6.

Or they should make 2 similar products like bb q10 and bb q5. One is premium and one is middle.

At last, android smartphone with qwerty physical keyboard. I'm very happy with this news.

  • ASIF

this phone looking very nice

  • AnonD-126035

BlackBerry products always kept me coming back on three points - security and trust; build quality; exceptional and usually unbelievable usage times... Even with HEAVY usage.

As it is the BlackBerry "Priv" is tempting, due to BlackBerry's notoriously high build quality and famous security standards...

I think the Sony products still (just!) edge ahead because of the water-proofing, but if the "Priv" can achieve BlackBerry Bold-like usage times (1+ full days of Real World HEAVY usage, 2+ full days of Real World MODERATE usage, 3+ full days of Real World LIGHT usage), I'm sold, without question.

  • AnonD-335204

AnonD-312515, 27 Sep 2015What does Priv mean? Oh im sorry im new to this comment tool. It means Privacy and Privilege if i spell it correctly.

  • AnonD-335204

Im looking forward to the Priv. I wont give up my Z30 just yet but ill watch all the reviews for the Priv then decide but base on the specs i like it already lol.

  • Nymousberry

I always love blackberry OS , but I hate Android :|

  • AnonD-333903

"While the new device will provide a choice in OS to new and existing customers, the company remains committed to the BlackBerry 10 operating system"

as much as i interested with their Android, that statement makes me happy because i really...really...really love BB OS10. Thank you Blackberry, look forward for your new phone ~

  • time my

May god bless blackberry with opened OS Linux/Android, all the time BlackBerry was secured n now its on opened.

  • Myk

hmm great bb!

  • andra

what is the expected price?????

  • AnonD-312515

Anonymous, 26 Sep 2015This phone would have been awesome if it was not sliding. I... moreAlso swiping and sliding your finger across the screen is faster than typing with a physical kb now.

  • AnonD-312515

Anonymous, 26 Sep 2015Venice? How is that name going to do any good. It just impl... moreWhat does Priv mean?

  • AnonD-312515

"CEO John Chen says he has kept his promise to only do an Android if it can reach the high security standards of the company," lol just say you had no other option but to join the dominating dark side because you tried everything and it didn't live up to the consumers standards.

  • AnonD-417519

i liked it ..i have some troubles in writing within the touch screen ..

  • AnonD-445020

Time for blackberry rethink its hardware, I think that's the biggest problem

  • AnonD-444942

Nice look, A bar phone converted in slide phone, when it will releas