Android-powered BlackBerry Priv officially confirmed

25 September, 2015
BlackBerry confirmed that the Android slider is coming later this year, but no exact date or further information was given.

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The bootloader of this will likely be closed down. Forget getting root too. Yeah it's Android, but what good is Android if it's locked down?

  • AnonD-444894

I hope it has Amoled Screen.

  • AnonD-420625

Well its a lot more complicated issue then having a sleek phone. Premium manufacturers are super struggling to sell their flagship phones due to cheaper "flaghsips" that come from China. Due to hardware spec wars that's been going on for years internal components and displays became so cheap that premium flagship phones cant dictate high price just because they have latest internals nor they can differentiate themselves from mid-spec phones with just having better internals when mid-specs are performing at 90% performance rate of flagship components.

Premium manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, LG and HTC just now realize how taking the easy road by adopting Android and not having to spend on software was a mistake in the long run. Today they are desperate to somehow prove their flagship status by doing things like Note or curved edge display in Samsung's case. Sony is relying on their camera technology to bring them upfront, HTC is trying with contemporary design, quality materials and fit and finish and LG is trying to undercut Samsung and along side they are the only one investing into reskinning Android properly.

So BlackBerry wants to play the flagship game and they are brining their big guns to the playground: hardware keyboard and quality sliding mechanism.

That's how you play big game against Alcatel, Huawei, OnePlus and others.

  • Anonymous

I've seen it in person and the curved touchscreen is very nice

  • Anonymous

This phone would have been awesome if it was not sliding. In this Era of sleek phones, nobody wants to carry a buly device especially sliding phones.

I hope it destroys IOS and Windows.

  • Anonymous

Interesting and innovative phone. I bet it won't disappoint anyone , especially the android users.

  • ggrruudd

Good thing blackberry came up with something unique.Quite wondering with the features.:)

  • Trooper

Big Daddy, 25 Sep 2015Not really, Venice sounds like pen*s.I think you mean 'Venus'. Unless you have a speech impediment.

This model design Nice, Body ratio quite impressive

  • Hades

AnonD-368255, 25 Sep 2015That will cost a million dollars! Blackberry fashion price!No Wonder

  • Anonymous

AnonD-205566, 25 Sep 2015Awful name... They should have sticked with Venice, that actuall... moreVenice? How is that name going to do any good. It just imply this phone is as expensive as a trip to Venice. Priv have better meaning.

  • AWallis

If it was touch only. I'd buy it. Not after bulk.
They didn't mention the second device.

  • Anonymous

Big Daddy, 25 Sep 2015Not really, Venice sounds like pen*

  • AnonD-368255

That will cost a million dollars! Blackberry fashion price!

AnonD-205566, 25 Sep 2015Awful name... They should have sticked with Venice, that actuall... moreNot really, Venice sounds like pen*s.

  • Anonymous

Wonder what the thickness will be. If it's under 9mm it will be somewhat amazing.

  • AnonD-75819

Security of Blackberry and functionality of Android...match made in heaven...though the slider phone would be little chubby to liking...most will wait for touch only phone.

  • AnonD-212727

And OMG I cant wait for a Review of this phone!! I wonder how good the camera or music player are.. and I wonder if it will keep the Blackberry Hub or what the deal when you swipe to the left. Android is cool but hoping it keeps that cool productivity feel Blackberry has

  • Anonymous

The only reason I would buy a blackberry is because of their secure and greatly optimised OS. Its like buying a Mustang with a 60 hp engine,it defeats its purpose.