Motorola Q4 financial report is out: Things are getting better

31 January, 2010
Motorola published their Q4 and full 2009 financial reports, which shows quite clear signs that the company is getting back on its feet. They have earned 142 million US dollars in Q4, which has brought down...

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  • apple lover

I don't understand why doesn't GSM arena post apple's quarter financial report, where apple shows that they are on the first place mobile devices industry followed by nokia, samsung, and SE.

  • Anonymous

the king moto back to the section

  • to Still SE better t

believe me- not better ... I have X1, materials are terrible. My friend girl have C905- working unstable and again, materials low quality.. I still have my old good moto V9- and this phone materials and OS much more better. Now I'm preparing to buy Milestone.

  • Anonymous

I'm not a motorola fan but I am happy with their anroid line up right now. THis is what they should have done a long time ago. They were making only stupid phones before, but now they understand that with great phones, you make more money.

  • Anonymous

kerokero, 01 Feb 2010SE ship more unit but nobody buy their set moto ship less unit ... moreHello? What part of 5.2 vs BARELY 3.7 market share don't you understand? And what about the cut of over a hundred million of loss? They're gaining money too you know. They also did say they won't expect any profit til' Q2. So for the record, SE is still better than Moto.

  • kerokero

ip, 01 Feb 2010Still SE better than Moto SE shipped 14.1M units Moto shippe... moreSE ship more unit but nobody buy their set
moto ship less unit but now everybody want a smart android and resonable price.
shipment cannot bring se to fortune if their set just hang on the showcase at the mal,no body using se phone anymore.pricy and outdated in some feature and fastport??thats the most people hate.
moto now better alot from is bleeding to is reborn with new point of view on building their new phone.

  • xciter

i hope moto's latest phones won't only be concentrated in the US and some parts of europe...seems they have forgotten southest asia.=( and where are the mid-ramge android phones they promised?

  • motofan .ir

shadow aka nexus 2
motoroi xt720 aka shoels

these are motorola warrior's for 2010
and all are realy unrivaled and unque


  • Anonymous

It's really amazing how when there's a moto, nokia, samsung, or lg news it barely gets like 50 comments even after how many days. But when there's a Sony Ericsson news coming up... BAM! Instant comments! It even reaches like a hundred comments in less than a day!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Feb 2010Reality check. They still have a lot of losses to fix.2010 is very good year for moto

  • sam

i like milestone and xt701 and xt720
all new moto android phone are great

  • Anonymous

fakuryu, 01 Feb 2010I am just happy that Moto is being profitable again. Reality check. They still have a lot of losses to fix.

  • Anonymous

come on moto

  • Cyber-shot under dog

[deleted post]what gsmarena meant was that the X2 uses a more complex UI a.k.a Windows mobile,the processors and ram from s60 mobile phones like the x6 and n97 isn't that too complex at all. Plus look at the competitors from the Windows realm they even have 1Ghz of processors in their. . . that's why it was outdated. . :C

  • Anonymous

awsome motoroi xt720
sell more 50,000 unit in south korea

about 3000 unit daily

well done moto

  • Anonymous

ip, 01 Feb 2010Still SE better than Moto SE shipped 14.1M units Moto shippe... morelol

what do you talking about

bankrupt se !!??

  • fakuryu

I am just happy that Moto is being profitable again.

  • JAG

now some MOTO love, if they get the fisrt place in android market, they'll be back in third or second place...


  • Biased

100 Moto, 01 Feb 2010Moto was "looked down" when you weren't around. This ... moreare you sure Milestone is selling like a hot cake? they only sold 2 million smartphones so far, and how much has sony ericsson sold its Satio? Much more than Milestone. Don't forget, based on what GSMArena said in their article, that 2 million is the TOTAL smartphones they sold, so your Milestone is out of the question, since more than a million is from DROID. No, I do not care where you live, because I don't think it matters to how well Motorola is selling.

  • seshingo

If things get better for motorola.... I can finally have the milestone bought in our place.... I'll keep my fingers crossed