Yuphoria switches over to stock Android from Cyanogen, drops price

05 October, 2015
Now available for $100.

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  • krish

the stock android version will update to cyanogen os

AnonD-433808, 05 Oct 2015That's what other companies need to do who doesn't have big... moreGranted MIUI is nice at the beginning for newbies. MIUI is truly horrible as newbies graduate to become power users & realize how many issues it has. For example,
* Data & calls don't work simultaneously, Which is a big deal if you use bluetooth, navigation, etc
* Memory optimization is horrible, just horrible.
* MI is slowest in updating to the next android version
* xposed wont work properly with MI.
* Now that they've started encrypting their bootloaders, you've to stand in line to beg for your bootloader to be unlocked. which they MAY(not will), after 2 months.
* AVRCP wont work. So forget controlling music from your car bluetooth device or any device with a display/music controls.
It becomes one of the most irritating OSs & experiences compared to stock android on the same device which has call/data priority option & AVRCP works, bluetooth GPS works perfectly. Wish MIUI gets fixed because it is a nice fork for certain features that its provides. But the inconveniences far outweigh its advantages.

  • adityasaroj

Can i now buy yuphoria with cyanogen os...

  • Anonymous

the stock android version will recieve OTA update

  • Ankit

Can i update my yureka to unofficial cm12

  • AnonD-398636

GreekGodMV, 05 Oct 2015b4 2-3 years the technology was not so advanced and the har... morewell i dont care where phone is manufactured as long as its not overpriced and abandoned like samsung devices . i just want a right priced phone with decent specs and performance according to the specs

  • Anonymous

AnonD-448175, 05 Oct 2015Difference is INR 500, not INR 1000Pre-edit: it was written INR 7,499 ($115). Maybe the author forgot to revise INR 1000 to INR 500 after the INR 6,999 ($107) rewrite

  • atul

When yu yuteka will get android 5.1.1 update my phone yureka in android 5.0.2 version its so laggy and hangs i can not use it properly

  • AnonD-448175

Misha.85, 05 Oct 2015I laughed a bit:) Cheaper by 1000, from 6999 to 6499 :)))Haha, he forgot his calculator at home

  • AnonD-448175

Difference is INR 500, not INR 1000

  • Sunny35

That's good. Cyanogen had started making it's own bloatware.
Plus it's always buggy. Some or the other thing. Always.

  • Kissbu

From 6999 to 6499 is Rs. 1000 cheap?

  • AnonD-3678

Good decision. Stock AOSP is already very good.

  • Tabrez

Should be followed by all the OEMs.

Can going stock also help for software updates from Google.?

I laughed a bit:) Cheaper by 1000, from 6999 to 6499 :)))

  • AnonD-226698

...Cyanogen looked promising...now it looks like it's falling apart.

AnonD-398636, 05 Oct 2015no more cyanogen in yutopia either then ? The upcoming YU YUtopia Will be a beast with the rumored specs and stock android and regarding CyanogenMod it'll still be available as NIGHTLY for the people who would like to flash it.
Cyanogen is just tool slow at providing updates.

So cyanogenmod left one plus for micromax .And now micromax dumped them. Good, cyanogenmod deserved it.

  • AnonD-398636

no more cyanogen in yutopia either then ?

Good move by YU stock android is much better than the buggy cyanogen mod and also this will help in faster updates and bug fixes.