Google Nexus One testing and manufacturing goes on video

08 February, 2010
If you've been wondering how a mobile phone is manufactured, you might want to pay attention now. We have a couple of short films showing how the Google Nexus One is being produced and what tests it goes...

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  • Anonymous

Its all good seeing how its tested but what i want is GSM Arena to do a full review on the phone, please review the phone.

  • kevin

How you know nokia never doing that? Don be naive. However, Nexus One is the greatest phone ever in the market now. bye bye Iphone.

  • Anonymous

Every nexus one phone goes through this before delivery?

  • niks

wow!!! amazing... i wonder how many other companies follow the same quality standards... nexus one is definitely my next phone.

  • Lucifer Gloria Alter

Wow!worth looking.I like the durability testing part especialy.By the way,what are you doing,NOKIA?

  • ste