Gigabyte unveils four budget phones: Classic and Classic Lite, Essence and Essence 4

23 October, 2015
The phones cost under 100 each, the most affordable one is just over 55.

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  • AdamBoy64

The last phones that Gigabyte ever made...

  • AnonD-436837

quite a nice volley of affordable phones. not a big fan of 512MB RAM, but it looks like each models has a specific purpose from regular 8/1 with 5" HD even newest lollipop on top to more mediocre not fancy but still with a lot of bang for the buck models

  • AnonD-259759

It's very hard for them to penetrate into this market now, and they do it way too late.

  • AnonD-452530

There are already available devices for that price. I guess people will choose known brands instead of Gigabyte. Of course Gigabyte is also known brand name but not for phones.

  • Kain

I tested gsmart classic abit and I liked it, its much better inhands then on pictures,it has nice stylish back cover and stock lollipop 5.1. Works very fast. Camera is not so good for 8mp. I ordered gray classic,it will arrive in few days. Its 83 euros in Serbia on sales.

  • rosegold

this manafacture developt this phone for low-range buyyer... look its spec before comment...

  • Anonymous

Gigabyte invented smartphones for babies. That is how crappy the stuff they had made. The Classic might sells. The rest is useless. This phone is the kind of toys you buy for 8 yr old kids.

  • AnonD-246723

wtf with those wvga screen and vga cam

  • Unknown

Buying the phone would be like throwing money into sea

  • consumer

Gigabyte has a solid name for PC components. It makes sense they want/need to expand to mobile items market. But startng with backdated and underdesigned crap will not work. No PC -tech savage- owner will say," hey Ggabyte was always my component choice, so against all tech knowledge I will buy their phone with inferiour specs for sake fo the brandname." This phone is bound to end up, in best situation, on a dog colar as location tracer.

  • SRK

All 4 are craps

  • Anonymous

A sure flop


what's worng with this brands?! Gigabyte know they dont sell anything...the market is too full of sammycrap phones and ijunk gold cost phones!

Even in 3rd world this wont sell, today is better brands who make theyr own phones and dont copy others and put theyr name on it like Gigabyte do in this phones.

Archos, Gigabyte and other brands have to give up in this market because ther's no sucess for those. Even Sony are in trouble one of this will sell.

  • Anonymous

Tired with your budget phones please make something high-end to get people excited