Redmi Note 3 to be unveiled at Xiaomi's November 24 event, new teaser confirms

23 November, 2015
We were expecting it to be called the Redmi Note 2 Pro all this while.

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  • Anonymous

Just got a Redmi Note 2... still don't care about Note 3 :D

Next upgrade: Mi5

  • AnonD-451991

And the hilarious fact is : Xiaomi will not be able to sell this device in India until they get rid of the "legal battle" with Ericsson.

  • passer

a very big joke to mi fans, haha...

  • Anonymous

Redmi Note 2 buyers must be more bu## hurt compared to iPad 3 users when the iPad 4 launched just after 6 months of the iPad 3!

  • AnonD-157510

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2015It's hilarious. Xiaomi just started selling Redmi Note 2 in Sing... moreIts not hilarious bro. Its been only few months since xiaomi announced redmi note 2 and u guys were lucky to have it in your country so soon. May be after 2 or 3 months they will make this model available too...

  • Anonymous

It's hilarious. Xiaomi just started selling Redmi Note 2 in Singapore 2 weeks ago and now they're announcing the Redmi Note 3.

  • Anonymous

people are patiently waiting for the next flagship mi5...and xiaomi is playing around with another redmi series

  • AnonD-432027

They should unveil a flagship which is MI5 instead of Redmi models

  • Raghu

Superb.. And what about mi5???