New render claims to depict upcoming Nokia C1 running Android and Windows 10 Mobile

25 November, 2015
The much-rumored device is supposed to be Nokia's first after having sold its smartphone business to Microsoft.

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  • Anonymous

So we'll have two Nokia brands with identical logo on the market. We'll see feature phones like Nokia 230 by Microsoft and Nokia by Nokia android smartphones designed and built in fact by the chinese Foxconn. Nokia by Nokia will only approve Foxconn's projects made for Nokia, because original Nokia by Nokia at this moment did not have a single people capable to design a smartphone. All Nokia by Nokia people are now employees at Nokia by Microsoft. What a superb mess !!!

  • Monty

Plz nokia come back

  • Anonymous

Raza, 26 Nov 2015I hope these renders are genuine. Really like the design, simple... moreWhy would you want a good phone that runs a mediocre OS (Android)?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-262130, 26 Nov 2015I hope Nokia will adopt stock Android. I f not, it's not worth i... moreAgreed. Stock Android is a superior experience, not to mention the benefit of instant updates. With the problems the Nexus 6p seem to be facing, it may also present an opportune moment for Nokia.

  • Anonymous

Windows Phone hype died after Lumia 1020.

  • AnonD-262130

I hope Nokia will adopt stock Android. I f not, it's not worth it. It just becomes another smartphone producer try to let a mark.

  • Anisul

we need a tv tuner feature in this phone which will be the unique one, only it has with samsung galaxy grand prime duos tv and moto e dual

  • Jad

I do not see any reason Nokia will go into the sh*ty windows world again, which was the major reason for its demise and collapse. They will go Android all the way as they are independent again, where microsoft wont have any impact on their plans and products.
Nokia + Android = Success... to h*ll with windows phone...

  • Jad

M, 26 Nov 2015It is not purely android, so I think that it same of Nokia X, XL... moreNokia X and XL series are Android with minor changes on the interface. As Nokia couldn't release a 100% Android device (as this it was owned by Microsoft).

Coming 2016, Nokia is free and will be producing its own devices and am sure it will be 100% Android with the pure Nokia interface touch

  • AnonD-448062

AnonD-411799, 25 Nov 2015messy is what windows os is! bugs bugs every where. i would rath... moreWindows Mobile 8.1 does have a few drawbacks by design(settings menu), but it is definitely not full of bugs. It's actually quite quick. Much less frustrating than using an galaxy s4/s6 or my android Lenovo tablet. Sorry I haven't tried other android phones, but i can tell you that windows OS is not full of bugs.

Eagerly waiting for Windows Mobile 10.

  • david

i wish

Nokia should be the first OEM to release dual-os handset

  • Shri

Wow its really coming back in 2016 I can't wait.. For this i just want Nokia.

  • M

It is not purely android, so I think that it same of Nokia X, XL, X+ and X2.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-467404, 26 Nov 2015this design doesn't looks good. they should copy design from App... moreNo. They should have their own design languange like fabula to make it outstanding than others

  • Irfan

I want to upgrade from nexus 4,Nokia make it quick I'm waiting

  • AnonD-467404

this design doesn't looks good. they should copy design from Apple, HTC or LG

  • AnonD-198234

welcome first phone and my favourite phone will buy whatever it releases ,love to see you,come soon

  • Smdas32

Please nokia if you want to make mobiles please go for 14 nm intel chipsets. Other wise the battery will suck a lot

  • AnonD-426126

b0ne, 26 Nov 2015that is not why the microsoft branding is thereI think the new lumia 950/Xl is the last from Nokia-Microsoft. Probably, that is why, the surface phone leaks and rumours have popped up recently in benchmarks.

  • b0ne

AnonD-210527, 26 Nov 2015Nokia sold their business to Microsoft. That is true but after 2... morethat is not why the microsoft branding is there