Google Maps 4.1 now available for Android, brings live wallpaper

18 March, 2010
Google Maps for Android version 4.1 has hit the Market and brings several improvements, a Google Latitude widget and a brand new live wallpaper. This update comes just over a month after v4.0 came out...

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  • Anonymous

The update is not available all over the world just like the paid Apps on android market some pol in the states are also unable to update unless they are on at&t

  • Steve

KJ, 18 Mar 2010Well I guess my cliq doesn't get any of them, Tmobile did a bad ... moreThis isn't to be put on T-Mobile USA. Motorola is the one that has to make the higher versions of Android work with the MotoBlur service. They should be releasing it sometime in Q2

  • Akash from nepal

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  • KJ

Well I guess my cliq doesn't get any of them, Tmobile did a bad deal with that phone. I am very disappointed.

  • Kris

Why not posting any live video?

  • Anonymous

Mounting pressure for HTC to update Hero to eclair, as Spica has got it earlier than them!

  • vinnie

Is the cupcake left in the dark?Really!?!HTC, when are you going to update your devices to eclair?

  • Anonymous

LONG live live wallpapers

the Droids have begun

  • Spawner

wow. live wallpaper maps. sounds cool

  • Anonymous