New leak suggests LG G5 will feature dual rear camera setup

23 December, 2015
The leak came courtesy of a Reddit user who also shared an image that apparently shows part of the device's body.

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  • ireland

AnonD-144181, 24 Dec 20153 GB ram 16 Mp camera 5.3 display no irish scanner also weak... moreno likey! we need the irish scanner mate!!

  • AnonD-144181

3 GB ram
16 Mp camera
5.3 display
no irish scanner
also weak battery as before ( like g4)
its flagship of 2014 not 2016
disappointed lg

  • AnonD-426126

Anonymous, 23 Dec 2015For what 20 MP ? More megapixels just made the camera weaker in ... moreactually no Gorilla glass can be of any size. The latest surface pro 4 uses Gg4

  • T-Ill

AnonD-460535, 23 Dec 2015Sounds perfect. I just hope that they will improve the audio qua... moreHuh the g4 had the best audio output.. It was louder than most phones out there and close to a perfect 100 when connected to an external amplifier, the headphones quality is bonkas when u USE lgs pure surround preset..get a g4 and try it cos i know u dont own one

  • Ineed

5.3 inch+3600++ mah battery+bezels like G3 and get all the flagship specs and iam sold

  • AnonD-387177

Also on 5.3 inch Lg will put 2700 or 2800 mah battery. It will be slimmer and probably more neat but...still no go.

  • AnonD-387177

Unibody, aluminium, 5.3 inch, same design as G2 will be points why i wont buy LgG5 which i wanted to buy. I want something different than LgG2, and G4 was that something. Now maybe V10 comes to my country and i will probably buy that. 5.3 is not enough for me. I want 5.5 inch phone so i can enjoy films and shows on my phone. Sn820 is good cpu but i think overall price will be to big.

  • Milo

Note 6, 24 Dec 2015Only 3 GB RAM?! Oh my goodness!Not everyone needs to use a billion tabs and apps.

  • Note 6

Only 3 GB RAM?! Oh my goodness!

  • Saafa

keep that IR blaster on top of phone and i'll be in your side, LG..!
that shiity blaster is a MUST for me :D

  • SSBM95

5.3, finally a decent screen size! Can't beleive people want bigger screens for phones, buy a tablet instead guys.

  • Rayenx

Madmax, 23 Dec 2015We need 5.5 & 6 inch display with less outer bodyyou need to stfu and buy a tablet.

  • Nono

dual camera, Can it also make 3D picktures and movies and is the screen also 3D. Then it will be finally a successor of my LG920P 3D. Please LG make me happy.

  • Stan

Can any manufacturer make a dual camera/different lens setup, like 24mm + 85mm? I've been waiting for this for years. 24mm is too wide, and a digital zoom degrades the quality badly. A 2x zoom on a 20mp image, results in a 5mp sensor area being used. that's 1/4th of the original pixel count, and only at 2x

  • AnonD-244086


  • AnonD-479863

What happened to the 21mp camera from Sony? I dunno why everyone is saying these are good specs.... No retina scanner, smaller screen, 16mp camera, these are all things that are opposite of every other leak that has been posted about this phone.

  • Madmax

We need 5.5 & 6 inch display with less outer body

People who's saying 5.3 inches is small go buy tablet and look ridiculous when talking on the street.
all these complaints about size and that and this... Well LG ( or any other company) can't read every customer mind individually so they come with compromise about specs.

And someone mentioned before some specs about how must be his future phone clearly never heard of Z5 or Z5 premium.

  • AnonD-278667

Well the camera should be great.the LG G4 and LG v10 have the most advanced camera cor i dont see how the camera quality is going to be weaker!please put an LG oled screen with a battery bigger than 3000 mah.pleas keep the micro sd slot!5.3 screen with minimal bezel!

  • G2_Lover

Finally, 5.3 inch !! G2 successor..welcome back, LG!!
5.2 ~ 5.3 inch is an ideal phone..
now please give me an outstanding battery life and I'll be gladly to throw away my S6E..