HTC One X9 to go official tomorrow, teaser indicates

23 December, 2015
The device has already been certified by China's TENAA.

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  • AnonD-463876

I honestly don't know what HTC is going for with this normal spec'd phone.

  • LLL

Pald, 24 Dec 2015Why the hell HTC is dooming itself???.Why always their wors... moreShould have bought an M9 early this year.
20MP cam and 5 inch.
And remember this X9 is not designated to be a flagship so keep your expectation realistic please

  • Pald

Why the hell HTC is dooming itself???.Why always their worst 13 MP camera?..Can't they come up with better one?...I don't like phone larger than 5.2" screen......not interested HTC

  • Anonymous

Sahl..KTBFFH, 23 Dec 2015looool I do have the htc desire 816,, its been 1 year &... morewhat?! equal with desire 816? don't make a joke please.if the specs are true then X9 has better cpu and gpu in 64bit case.very better screen and bigger battery.also X9 has OIS main camera.please think before writing.thanks

  • LLL

Sahl..KTBFFH, 23 Dec 2015looool I do have the htc desire 816,, its been 1 year &... more90% the same?
Last time I check this X9 excels the D816 in chipset, RAM, internal storage, OIS, screen resolution, bigger battery among other things, plus the return to capacitive buttons.

Who are you trying to kid here?

  • Man

Wtf that price!!!!. Duh i would rather get galaxy s5 or one m8

Anonymous, 23 Dec 2015$366-$457...Why HTC! Why?! You people are so bad in pricing... moreI bought the A9 for $399. it has been worth every cent and more.
Though I like apple too, if you are going to complain about price, whinge about apple as in Australia the 6S is $1400.00 HTC is half that.
As much as I like apple, there is no way on earth there devise are worth that sum

  • Anonymous

Oh look, another HTC One M9/A9 recycled phone. Go home HTC you're drunk

  • Anonymous

so good.the main camera with OIS and enough megapixel and most advantage is the measure when htc reduces.most of htc 5.5" was 157 or 158mm but this phone is 5mm smaller.thanks htc for this.
about mediate I have to tell you that mediate is powerful enough for running each program. when it is one of the powerful chipset in mobile world.if look at gsmarena news page will find out that mediate is better than exynos or SD in many items. now helio X20 news is posted and go for read is big answer for who cannot accept that mediate is powerful enough. it is really laughable when there is big like for mediatek but many chicken don't like see it or accept that ... here is the link for some body they don't have eyes for reading the truth....

I do have the htc desire 816,, its been 1 year & half old... still 90% of the same specs & design for the x9 !!!!
htc must be kidding or fooling the kids they are targeting in their martket !!

  • Anonymous

Savihtc, 23 Dec 2015HTC you are going from bad to worst please not mediatek if ... moreDo you not understand this article? There are different version of the HTC One X9 using Mediatek and Snapdragon; the one using the Mediatek is for the Chinese market because Mediatek is a Taiwanese company, and the US market should be using the Snapdragron 615 or 617 octa-core processor.

  • Anonymous

They will never learn.. Once I was a big fan of HTC but now, I don't even think they can learn a lesson from a mistake.
Same mediatek processors, same Toshiba cameras and same naming conversion. M9,m9+,e9, e9+, me9 and blah blah

  • Anonymous

many awful comment about htc.all are posted by htc enemies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ex:some body said mediate is wrong or.... but all know that mediate is the best multi cores and very cost effective and budget friendly.shame on htc enemy who wrote non sense words.this phone is a upper midrange and the cost is clear for upper midrange. for sure this phone is far better than other rivals and like 2 past years htc makes the best midranges and upper midranges.
remember these names: DESIRE 816 , DESIRE820 , DESIRE 826 , AND ....

  • AnonD-399185

xTREAMER, 23 Dec 2015HTC are not doing they say he will do, launch a device with... moreThey said that for The A9, not all the models.

  • LLL

Something weird with the price range given...
Why is it that wide??
Anyway if the price stands, it will be considerably more expensive than their own Desire 828 (CNY 1599).

  • Savihtc

HTC you are going from bad to worst please not mediatek if it comes SD808 its way much better but please get your pricing right, I don't know when will HTC ever learn? Please

  • AnonD-377580

LOL,350$ for helio x10 midrange procesor,HTC are you crazy?!?!?even meizu options are cheaper + better...use helio x20 and that would worth ALOT

Doing same thing expecting better results is stupidity HTC you have lost the way nothing appealing

  • the_seba

The launch is a little too late. With the release 2-3 weeks ago accompanied by a highly competitive price (at least in the holiday shopping season) this might have made it to a couple of boxes underneath some trees. With the release date set for the 24th no one is gonna give a rat's a** abut that phone, at least until the first few days of January.

  • Anonymous

$366-$457...Why HTC! Why?! You people are so bad in pricing the phones! Even A9 was overpriced and now this X9 with normal specs is priced between $366-$457! Have you guys lost it? I mean...seriously.You guys have no marketting sense.
Samsung,Sony both are doing it fine.LG has understood with the time being but HTC...when will you learn?!