iPhone 4G caught in the wild, is thicker than 3G and edgier

18 April, 2010
Apparently if you donít watch your feet when walking around the bars in San Jose you might stumble into an iPhone 4G (or is that iPhone HD?) laying on the ground. Or at least thatís what the guy who posted...

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  • Nokia hater

iPhone is real palm friendly. And this phone isn't. So I thinkit'sa fake.

  • Anonymous

Its fake. check engadgets site.

  • Mostafa

It's very low quality design, it can't be the iphone 4g, or that's what I think

  • Anonymous

With so many missing features, what makes you suspect it has a camera?


I mean most people, when questioned about the poor quality of the 2mp camera of that 3g or 3.2 of the 3gs said they don't need to make photos with a phone and that no phone can best even the cheapest camera.

Maybe 3GS is the latest camera phone from apple.

  • Anonymous

the picture doesn't show the camera, ugly fake, please gsmarena don't write an article saying false information!

  • Seam

Okay i don't believe that it's 4G. But if it's then i'd like to say "another boring design from apple". Holy crap.

  • Anonymous

Fake fake fake

  • Phil

Who cares since X10 is out?

  • ANT aka Angus Micoat

i love this phone, i have already bought it from the carphone warehouse

  • NvS

It's definitely iPhone 4G wannabe from china,but it doesn't copy the real next-iPhone design,just a wannabe and a terrible wannabe.

Some of my friends were trick by iPhone clone with the exact 1:1 design compared to the original,hell i almost got tricked myself when i first saw the fake iPhone 3G,no one..i mean NO ONE can tell the difference when the phone is off,turn on the phone then...you know the rest of the story.

But it doesn't mean that phone in this picture is 4G iPhone,knowing the nature of Apple about secrecy,almost impossible it'll leak in public unless it's from apple insider,beside that phone look ugly.

Look at Apple history with their iPod design,i believe iPhone 4G won't have drastic changes in design,improvement in camera,screen size,even front facing camera are possible,just don't count too much about design.

  • Hector

It seems that it is just a japanese fake iPhone : http://www.applesfera.com/curiosidades/es-este-e­l-nuevo-iphone-2

  • hani

new photos leaked

  • VladKeeper

Here is a cool thing: Based on the previous 4 looks of iPhone, I can tell you 100% that next iPhone will look exactly like 3gs, well maybe will have tiny hole in a front for a video call camera.

  • Anonymous

i think it is still a generic phone...

  • Anonymous

All Iphone variations Are Uglies..

  • WrightStuff050

Its the LG Parada with a bit of white paint!

  • Anonymous

its yukiee

  • Bruno

Nah,I don't believe it, it's a bit too blocky when it comes to design, not to mention the guy's story has a lot of holes, plus the 80 gb of storage seems a bit far-fetched.

  • Anonymous

Why did GSMArena even post this, completely ridiculous.