Report from iPhone 7 supply chain says no 3.5mm audio jack

05 January, 2016
Apple would push Bluetooth and Lightning headphones instead.

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  • AnonD-362866

AnonD-375713, 05 Jan 2016I'm curious to see how killing a standard (and pretty small and ... moreThey are setting a NEW standard. And who said anything about adapters? Throw your old 3.5mm in the trash or donate it to some charity. Buy new headsets, both BT and lightning cable. And if you are not capable of that, well then I'm sorry, kinda, mostly, I'm just glad that I am not you! You will have no choice but to adapt in time :)

  • MUJU

itz not good den like 6

  • AnonD-362866

Chen, 05 Jan 2016We all know you're a blind iFan, Honest Realist. You will force... moreI dont type all that fast, my fingers were pretty cool, as they are now :) How much do I win?

  • Anonymous

Ifonsux, 06 Jan 2016Wow, so innovating and groundbreaking! What's next, no charging ... morewhat if its real... u dont have to charge ur phone... what u gonna said ?? gimmick ? or apple still copy other ??

  • MasEnha

Damn... watta great innovation!!

  • Anonymous

I'm back, 06 Jan 2016Which is better iPhone 6 or Samsung galaxy s6 ?both have pro and con... just buy what u like , dont ask here... to many bias

  • AnonD-475766

i dont agree with this new idea of apple... the new i phone should have a 3.5mm jack..
otherwise how are customers suppose to plug any Headphone or any other accessories to....

  • Anonymous

Nice... one of the most universal plugs in the world which everyone can use is taken out in favor of proprietary lightning crap... such brilliance...

  • AnonD-39030

If Apple really does it, they will die like Nokia, do not bound buyers to pay more, keep your original philosophy 'user friendly' in tech and economy.

  • I'm back

Which is better iPhone 6 or Samsung galaxy s6 ?

  • AnonD-141635

Fake render, but it is apple, can go to any length to make money

  • AnonD-446990

I mean, that's good for you but I'm not to fond of using a Chinese smartphone; granted One Plus are trusted.

  • AnonD-480562

Yeah that's a deal breaker for me. I have the GS6 and my iPhone 6, but that's as far as I'll go. Just isn't the best solution for me :)

  • Nimz

guys, did anyone hear that next Apple phones will be using Samsung chips.. besides apple is meant for people who love to flaunt their samrtphone coz its APPLE! I think i would rather stick to my Samsung Galaxy Note edge coz it has everything i need especially the Stylus which i really make good use of in almost all my daily work n browsing and copying and pasting. it has IR Blaster as well and mem card slot and also 3GB RAM and a fast processor.

  • abc

Anonymous, 06 Jan 2016Bye bye Iphone, Bye bye Galaxy S7. Era of expensive phones is ov... morei agree. better buy a cheap phone, then replace it every year.
but.. don't buy cheap phone made by samsung, because touchwiz is a nightmare for non-flagship devices.

  • abc

AnonD-467404, 06 Jan 2016it is not an innovation. neither an innovative move. you are a g... moreand samsung is actually copying iphone.

  • Fruit Punch Samurai

Brilliant!! This is the best idea by apple . . .

  • AnonD-467404

AnonD-364786, 05 Jan 2016cant wait to see Samsung copying this ;-)it is not an innovation. neither an innovative move. you are a good example of a typical fan boy. the first smart phone to come without an audio jack is not apple it's oppo r5. apple copied it. if anyone else does this you can say copy of oppo buy not apple. you people say everything in iPhone is innovation and apple is first to implement. but that is not the case for most. apple actually copies from others

  • Imacatlover

What could possibly go wrong?!!!

  • Anonymous

icomment, 05 Jan 2016now thats real phone , iphone has no audio jack , no fm radio , ... moreYou described Samsung S6 i think....LOL except audio jack