iPhone 6c live dummy photos, 3D renders suggest a familiar design

05 January, 2016
The latest 3D renders of the allegedly upcoming iPhone 6c give a glimpse of how the 4" smartphone could look like.

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-57271, 06 Jan 2016Would lower the price, the Apple iPhone is known for being ... moreI agree deeply with this. Iphone, even the 'C' version is overpriced. I really don't know why people are buying it. All the people that I know who owns them bought it with contract. It is impossible to buy unlocked version without contract if you are not rich enough. Apple is making people want to buy something like an iphone copy instead especially in China. I don't blame China for copying Apple iphone design. If you can't have it, then make your own even if it runs on android.

  • Sam

From front looks like Iphone 4S .

  • Anonymous

GSMArena watcher, 06 Jan 2016Apple is said to be doomed for years now, and what do you k... moreNope. They are doing great until 2015. Then came the bendgate for the iPhone 6+, scratchgate for the Apple Watch, iPad Pro being just a bigger iPad, Apple Pencil with weird charging style and little battery life, Magic Mouse 2 with charging port beneath it, and MacBook with a single port. Next year, I heard they are planning to eliminate the headphone jack and is planning to change the charger yet again.

  • GSMArena watcher

Assure, 06 Jan 2016Stock Market Crash Apple shares, just because people are si... moreApple is said to be doomed for years now, and what do you know? They are still the, or one of the, most valuable companies in the world based on Market Capitalisation.
And also, your last sentence is a little bit hard to understand, if read in english. :)

  • Anonymous

I like 4" screen size looks good .. more pocket size .. than 4,7" .. same spec as 6s is good for me.

  • Assure

Stock Market Crash Apple shares, just because people are sick and tired of 600$ device 16gb 4" screen. Apple is doomed. No wear to even think of buying.

  • Jarret

This is ridiculous iPhone - have a small screen, low specs & expensive... Sucks!

  • AnonD-234645

vignesh, 05 Jan 2016Screen size is too small it should be atleast 4.7 otherwise wasteIt'd be practically an iPhone 6S if so.

  • AnonD-234645

same camera combo as the iPh6S/6S+?!

  • AnonD-484893

AnonD-248589, 06 Jan 2016Mi4c is around $200/250. It is better than last year's iPhones.Yeah,real Funny Dude Tell That To The Almost 40million People That Bought Last Years Iphone But Don't Get Me Wrong I Am Not An Apple Fan

  • NiSHAN

after using iP6S no one's gonna like it, 4S is much better than this i guess

  • AnonD-248589

., 05 Jan 2016find me a phone with better then a 6 plus for less then 200... moreMi4c is around $200/250. It is better than last year's iPhones.

Doesn't seem legit. The FCC tags are on the back, those are gone since the 6S.

  • AnonD-57271

Would lower the price, the Apple iPhone is known for being over price unlike G4 dual sim eh eh 24000.00 PHP 30k + 6s iPhone 16GB

  • Anonymous

Fugly and the c-section lines are still there.

These are fake...

  • Anonymous

5s much better design than this and 6, 6s.

  • Anonymous

As usual , it will made ihater hurt for no reason .....

  • AnonD-296725

i hope that's not the design

AnonD-81044, 05 Jan 2016People have hundreds of options for phone 4.7, 5, 5.5 inche... moreYup. I like big screened phones but the size of the 5S along with its performance was the best experience i've had on a smartphone. There is a market for small screened flagships.