Google Maps now with Navigation on every Android across UK

21 April, 2010
If you own an Android handset and live in UK, then your Google Maps app has been extended with the free navigation services. The only thing you must do is restart your smartphone. Last night all the droids..

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  • torrentblock

Rich, 23 Apr 2010is this actually completly free of charge from now on and how do... moreimho, the combination of hardware, screen size and detail of information on Google, makes the Desire the clear choice ahead of the N97.

  • Ash

is google maps on android with voice going to be available for australia and NewZealand ?when?

  • Dane Griffiths

I've used this on my HTC Desire. 1 word; amazing! This sat nav beats the crap out of my current Garmin sat nav. Route detail is my favourite highlight, it will say everything you can see on a sign relating to your journey. My favourite bit is when you reach your destination, the screen will automatically change to Google Street view so that you know your at the correct destination.

  • Rich

is this actually completly free of charge from now on and how does it compare with ovi maps as this is the only reason im sticking with my N97 and not going for the desire.

  • Keith

And yet Google won't give me this on my Nexus One in Canada....

Come on Google. Get on it.


about time too im pleased about this after having ovi maps ive missed voice guidance.Well done google for yet another free and great idea.Android all the way steve jobs should be running scared!!!

  • craig

Dave Stevens, 21 Apr 2010Right guys, can someone help me please. I've restarted my Des... moreyou will need to go outside and start the maps then choose a start and end point and then once maps are loaded you will see navigate. easy as 123

  • Calvin Broadus

Doest it will come for the iphone too ?
Or is it only for the android ?
Even though why does Apple haven't any free working nav-app ?

Thanks for the efforts

  • Anonymous

hoping this is coming to Middle East soon..... ;)

  • deenok

Hope Android users in Hong Kong doesn't have to wait much longer too!!!

  • chrissie_nw

Dave Stevens, 21 Apr 2010Right guys, can someone help me please. I've restarted my Des... moreLong press on a location and then press on the text box

  • Anonymous

I've got it working on my HTC Magic running on 1.6 :-)

  • Dave Stevens

Right guys, can someone help me please.

I've restarted my Desire - what am I looking for now? Maps looks the same as it was before!

  • carlos

you right , how do we use the internet access (data) for this ?? if we are in other coutry for example and do not have a plan/contract

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Apr 2010Come on Google, open this app for Symbian as well!!!Ovi Maps?

By the way, all Google apps are closed source, so no one can port it. The only open part of Android is the Linux kernel.

  • Saad Mehfooz

OMG i love u google :D

works g8 on may HTC Legend :)

  • Anonymous

If Symbian users want it then someone will need to get the source code and create an app for it. Android and Googles apps amy be open source but why would they spend their time and effort creating a version for a platform they couldn't care less about.

  • Anonymous

Come on Google, open this app for Symbian as well!!!

  • Gediminas

Can anyone explain how the geographic limitation of the app works?

I bought a Milestone in the UK but do not live there myself. A friend is going to ship the phone to me. Is the fact that I got it in the UK sufficient to have the new feature working, or do I need to do something to enable it? Maybe ask the friend to boot the phone at least once in the UK before mailing it to me?


  • Anonymous

Perhaps if you set up where you wanted to go while connected to wifi it will store all of the information for that journey. Then you could turn off data and complete your trip with out needing the constant connection? Something to test maybe?

Also, try not to forget that this is a beta and not the finished article.