Google Maps now with Navigation on every Android across UK

21 April, 2010
If you own an Android handset and live in UK, then your Google Maps app has been extended with the free navigation services. The only thing you must do is restart your smartphone. Last night all the droids..

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  • M

Absolutely brilliant! And thats me indoors! Cant wait to get out on the road and test it out!

  • Anonymous

Would you guys think that Google will allow us to download the map of the "countries". For those who travels it will be very annoying to have to remain connected to internet without data plan. And even beside that, the coverage is not that fluid everywhere.

Google alreay has the map. All what is left to provide and downloading option!

  • Anonymous

All maps are downloaded on the fly so will need to be connected to data to work. The app would just be too massive to include all the maps preinstalled. Works a treat on my Nexus with no reboot required.

Would have been nice for Google to send a notification of some kind with the update to tell us about it rather than just stumbling across it though.

  • Richard

Not ALL Android phones...

Lets not forget the poor old HTC Hero, still having to make do with Android v1.5, but the navigation requires v1.6.

  • Martin C

Now works on all Motorola Android models complete with voice guidance!

  • craig

Works on my htc desire. rebooted and there is was after i set my route. nice one. this has got to be the ultimate phone??

  • jim

its good to hear it works on HTC legend, but does google sat nav means constant connection to data usage?

  • aakash14a

itz gud...cheers!!!but when Google Maps Navigation 4.1.1 Beta will be available in india??

  • Super Hero

Apparantly it only works on android 1.6 and above so it won't appear on the hero till the main software update. Gutted :(

  • Anonymous

Have this working on my HTC Legend.looks great

  • Anonymous

works on milestone as well

  • chrissie_nw

So glad I visit GSMArena or I would have never have known. Works lovely on my Desire!!!

  • Snake

No update on the hero any ideas when this will be done?

  • Anonymous

Sorry nokia ovi maps is the king of navigation

ovi maps is the best app from nokia, nokia bet big in this field

if you have tried the latest beta 3 ovi maps. It is much better now

look forward to multitouch phones from nokia and meegp p,hpone

btw apple new iphone has np "new stuff"

  • pc

awesome. i have the desire and it is quality. so much better than iphone. and now with free nav. what next google???? keep up great work

  • mc721221

It works on the Milestone as well.

  • Anonymous

Arron, 21 Apr 2010i take this matches the Ovi maps free nav? i think its a great m... moreYup, google is the only one that will bite nokia, quite hard in ~3 years from now I estimate.

  • the law

i just checked my htc hero and it hasnt seemed to update on my phone any ideas on how to check it?

  • ep3

works very very well..... well done google and co

  • Anonymous

What happened to Google's "don't be evil" saying and all there products are "open source" for the general public. Monopolising it to their own OS, when it is more than capable of running on a Symbian, Mac OS or Maemo device. Interesting.