iPhone 7 Plus again tipped to come with a dual-camera setup

27 January, 2016
A KGI analyst believes that a version of the iPhone 7 Plus will be offered with a dual iSight camera setup.

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  • Ibrahim Badamasi

I'm much concern about it battery life and even it reacting to weather temperature

  • Anonymous

sd card confirmed after S7 HAS IT. aPPLE ROCKS with its sheep

  • Anonymous

SHAMELESScritic, 29 Jan 2016you mean stole LG G5's design? don't get confused with the diffe... moreIt isn't SHAMELESScritic your nick, it is shameless ifan.
First of all you can't talk about a phone design that didn't came out besides of that LG was never like any ishit.
Actually, LG was the company who used quick soft buttons at bottom of the menu but shameless thief just stealed it.
Silly iphone 6 design is imitation copy of Ativ S, but american court (apple's backyard) will never accept that because Samsung isn't american.
All of new iOS features are BORROWED from android world, that magic forcetouch was exists more than 7 years on Android phones but when apple used than it is new.
Just like finger print reader...

And now last thing which apple going to steal from Android world is Dual camera setup.
Why they are not thief while they stealing any ideas but samsung well just because of %60 likeness.
How the f.k S3 looks a like iphone?
How an honest judge could say that?
How apple can profits of its patents but that techs behind those patents isn't developed by apple.

So if you want to defend your thief company, you are talking with wrong person.
I'm not one of apple's iRobots who uses collective of apple's Artificial brain.
I hate also samsung because of its low quality mid-range phones and tablets but I hate more injustice.
Especially a company who steals clock design of Public trains station.
That thing is biggest WRONG, DISHONORED, DIRTIES MIND ever can be seen.

So, don't defend.

  • Yee

As much as i dont follow apple at all, i have to admit that i love the idea of small factor phones and not a phones for basketball players...

android devices could add everything in patent against other companies. If pone has android - then let use patent or just ask for permission. If Apple will use that feature - blame apple and ask for money. That's how Apple is making their business.

You do know that both sammy and apple use sony camera sensors right?

It's not apple's camera, it's sony's.

  • Anonymous

Generally, a Smartphone has different levels of discharging energy. They should experiment with dual-batteries. One to power stand-by or low use mode, and the other one for high use mode. That can likely increase battery life.

  • AnonD-362866

nopeTHEYcant, 29 Jan 2016how can they claim back the best camera when it always belonged ... more*yawn* Nokia just had loss of MP, bigger pictures don't result in better pictures. Apple has always provided the best quality camera's, last year Samsung had the crown for the best. Don't believe me, do the research. Bye.

  • HTC

Rafe Firmino, 28 Jan 2016First HTC One M7 build they copied, Now apple go further with M... moreHTC is a pretty decent brand and has better phones than iPhone but you know the world bud, TREND over QUALITY, even tho people are grasping for money, they will still go with what is the trend and not what is better and cheaper

  • dontFORGET

raonaveen, 28 Jan 2016Businesses run on mutual benefit my friend. Not by killing each ... moreagree and don't forget most of the laptops before has either Acer or Sony chipsets before they have made their own brand ow chips

  • nopeTHEYcant

AnonD-362866, 28 Jan 2016HTC will see how it was supposed to be done. Borderline DSLR Qua... morehow can they claim back the best camera when it always belonged to Nokia Lumia 1020, trust me i am an Apple fan due to high-end apps and games but they never had the camera hold

  • SHAMELESScritic

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2016Apple continues to stealing ideas from Android world. So, this ... moreyou mean stole LG G5's design? don't get confused with the difference of the brand name and the OS name kid


  • AnonD-476440

myphoneisiphone, 28 Jan 20165 Cameras, 5 flash lights, 5-D touch, Fingerprint + Eye Scan + V... morelol. thanks bro!

  • myphoneisiphone

5 Cameras, 5 flash lights, 5-D touch, Fingerprint + Eye Scan + Voice match sensors to unlock, water, fire and sand proof

oops ... i accidentally revealed the iPhone 10 specs, lol

  • Anonymous

Apple continues to stealing ideas from Android world.
So, this was the meaning of Termonuclear war against Android :)

Shameles THIEF...

  • AnonD-362866

WTFDYJS, 28 Jan 2016Another HTC One wannabeHTC will see how it was supposed to be done. Borderline DSLR Quality? Next year Apple reclaims the thrown for best camera. Not that I give a shit. Camera's never been a deciding factor for me.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2016Dual cameras is a waste, the more battery capacity and fast char... morei dont think latest 6s have battery issue... what u expecting playing having game battery can last long for 1 days ?? and that lightning connector already fast enough charging

and its not weird if suddenly all phone have dual camera

  • Anonymous

Herodroid, 28 Jan 2016why would you need more than 1 camera? lol, like, really. I smel... morethen other will follow


Another HTC One wannabe

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2016I quite agree with you opinion!7