Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, both 9.7" and 8", spotted in benchmarks

12 February, 2016
The two will keep their 4:3 Super AMOLED screens, but will move to a Snapdragon 652 chipset.

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  • 30 Jul 2018

AnonD-188155, 13 Feb 2016It's really kind of disgusting the prices Samsung is going ... moreThe Tab S2/Tab S3 have Non-Pentile AMOLED Displays for the larger models. Only the smaller models have Pentile. The larger Tab S was also Non-Pentile.

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    • Luch
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    • 18 Aug 2017

    Will 8.0" version be available or not?

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      • Moncy raj
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      • 09 Feb 2017

      tech specification is not bad .....if it launched in 2106......but very bad for 2017......and it is heart breaking for me and to all samsung lovers .........after long waiting.......and still..................waiting..........

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        • 02 Feb 2017

        Genuine Interest, 18 Oct 20162nd that Had iPad before due to 4:3 ratio Samsung SHOUL... more16:9 ratio is perfect for tabs ipad 4:3 is bad

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          • FAREED
          • vIb
          • 16 Jan 2017

          Samsung has unnecessarily delayed release of it's Tab S3 without even respecting prospective buyers due to whom it has turned multi millionaire.True business is business but once public at large turns hostile to any brand it's impossible to regain the paradise lost.I know psyche of customers who have taught befitting lessons to many companies famous world wide.

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            • 18 Oct 2016

            Genuine Interest , 30 Aug 2016Second that. I almost bought iPad for its 4:3 screen ra... more2nd that

            Had iPad before due to 4:3 ratio
            Samsung SHOULD COME UP with NEW TAB FOR MOVIE GOERS 16:9

            Thinking of S2 but S3 is overdue now
            Can't wait for S3 4:3
            but rumours say 16:9
            If so.. then will stick with iPad 4:3

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              • Jim
              • tDD
              • 16 Oct 2016

              It's not announced yet.. but why so many negative comment here.. lol.. people these days...

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                • Anonymous
                • KSE
                • 13 Oct 2016

                Use what you look good. But truth be told, this tablet looks good, but bad battery backup and poor performance.

                You might get happy for a day.. but thats it.

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                  • AnonD-596485
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                  • 12 Oct 2016

                  Mkdc, 19 Feb 2016Great job taking the time to reply word by word of what i s... moreKinda rude to tell someone that their brand sux. But I understand our argument, even tho the same could be said in some respect or another about any company. I currently have Samsung tab s2, asus zenpad 10, and iPad Air. So I'm not loyal to any one specific brand. Like a consumer should, I use the products I personally enjoy.

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                    • 30 Aug 2016

                    AnonD-191487, 29 Mar 2016Reading the comments and what silliness. Yes my deek is big... moreSecond that.

                    I almost bought iPad for its 4:3 screen ratio

                    Then came across S Tab. Just suits my needs.

                    Go for 16:9 or 10 if for movies.

                    I even bought Nokia 101 last year and don't complain - since I knew the purpose why I bought it in the first place. Long voice calls.

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                      • AnonD-575290
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                      • 22 Aug 2016

                      The S2 is still the best. I have the 9.5" and it works great and already has 6.0.1 on it and takes a 200 gb memory card just fine. Also if you buy at Best Buy they are exclusive sellers of the 64 gb unit. That is not well known

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                        • pqp
                        • 27 Jun 2016

                        The best ever!! First tab s seria: 2560X1600P Amoled!!! 4G!!

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                          • 29 May 2016

                          Nigel, 30 Apr 2016At twice the price, no thanks, just spent a ton of research... moreWhere from?????????????????????????????

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                            • Lance
                            • YHv
                            • 09 May 2016

                            Tab S 8" is still the best, with perfect dimensions fitting in your hand and even your pockets (fits in my back jean pockets or even my front short pockets).

                            You can buy it on eBay for a fraction of the cost refurbished or new on clearance from Best Buy. The AT&T model works on TMobile once unlocked.

                            I agree that changing the dimensions to Apple's is just stupid. Instead of being innovative, they are copying. If I wanted an Apple I'd get one instead of a cheap knock off copy.

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                              • AnonD-320612
                              • Nx9
                              • 01 May 2016

                              It's a real shame Samsung changed their entire line of phones and tablets to copy Apple last year...they have been back pedaling out of the phone rat hole they went down by bringing the SD card back in the S7 but the tablets are still perfect duplicates of Apple's 4:3 aspect ratio with the same resolution. And the price keeps driving up to try and meet Apple's lofty, overpriced levels.

                              I have a Galaxy Tab S that is great, except for the paltry 16 GB storage...I mainly watch video on it. That does not work well at all with a 4:3 tablet when wider than 16:9 movies have become the norm. With all the myriad models of Galaxy Tabs, why wouldn't they have something like a Galaxy Tab S3W - the W standing for "wide"?

                              That would be interesting and would actually fill a customer requirement for watching videos on their amazing OLED screens!

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                                • Nigel
                                • qbi
                                • 30 Apr 2016

                                Saad, 29 Apr 2016Apple Pro 2 is way better than Samsung Tablets in every senseAt twice the price, no thanks, just spent a ton of research time on tablets and purchased the S2 yesterday for 399 CDN

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                                  • Saad
                                  • 6PM
                                  • 29 Apr 2016

                                  Apple Pro 2 is way better than Samsung Tablets in every sense

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                                    • AnonD-373900
                                    • 3SG
                                    • 21 Apr 2016

                                    This will not be the Galaxy Tab S3! Some German retailers already list the device for preorder, including


                                    Its simply a refresh of the S2 sold under the same name, similar to the plus variants of Galaxy S smartphones.

                                    And honestly, how so many big tech sites can believe that Samsung is just gonna change the SOC with something that is barely an upgrade and call it a successor is beyond me. Let alone the fact that the last Tab S devices were launched in September...not May.

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                                      • Ethanhawaii
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                                      • 12 Apr 2016

                                      Anonymous, 01 Apr 2016This sucks. All these models are practically the same as Ta... moreI agree completely, I have the s7 and I think it blows the iphone 6s out of the water. But why can't samsung make their tablets better, everyone knows they can! (I would still go with Samsung tablets than Apples tablets).

                                        apple and sony got it better, and they don't even need actual chipsets. Last great tablet from samsung was S10.5 or note10/12 2014. Did they give up on hi-end tablets?