Samsung at 3GSM 2006

13 Feb, 2006
Usually at 3GSM World Congress Samsung announces many new mobile phones. No big surprise today - Samsung announced again in bulk. The SGH-Z560 supports 1.8Mbps HSDPA and is aimed for ...

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  • andy burgin

Samsung have really moved up the mobile chart list by learning things an check the best way to move on,they started producing mobiles without Bluetooth an lost out to Nokia an Motorola but they then added the function an caught them up ,there flip phones show up motorola without the stupid ariels now an they saw the nokia slide phone an have really got this type of model movin on thats why Nokia as started producing them again to challenge Samsung ,Samsung now are starting to improve there cameras to challenge Sony Ericsson an things can only get better for Samsung

  • Kocinsky

it's fantastic!!it's beautifoul!!is better than nokia n70 and other... i'll take it!!

  • SaGeR

I feel it's very cute

  • Kurisu

Wow... I like the look of it. I'm really into that look (which resembles the E720 and Z500). :]

Let's all hope this will be released very soon, unlike the Samsung Z700 -_-" I wonder what ever happened to that.

Legendary D500? I didn't even hear about the D500 until the D600 released and everyone was comparing those two. Obvious D600 won out though...

  • sri

its very user friendly

  • devil

ugly design :S only black pff why is samsung more intrested in black colors, hmm..

  • Nitin

That's really nice!!!!

  • Anonymous

This will a bigger success than the legendry D500

  • Anonymous

too many over promised

  • JH

yeah 2 much phones always they are playing with the phones..
just play with the design or features..

  • Fred

Autofocus for the Z560 !!!? At last! 2Mpixels ! 16mm! Wooh woh woh... ok i'll take it ! :D

  • Nik

im so with u Kal
to many phones out there now
i work for a small shop selling phones
n soon i wont know the models ppl are asking me for
cuz there are just to freaking many of them!!! lol

  • Kal

I'm freaking lost. Damn so many phones...cheers

  • ZacharyE