No SD820-powered LG G5 for Latin America; SD652 version will be available there

27 February, 2016
What's more, the LG 360 virtual reality headset - one of G5's friends - will also not be available in the region.

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  • AnonD-513003

I was so looking forward to the G5 for months, but with that non-sense of bringing a lite version to Latin America, even if the specs weren't that different (which they are, the processor difference is really big), and even with a big price drop (which I'm sure won't be the case, given the examples in past similar tricks like this one) it's a deal breaker for me, just out of principle. Why should I have to settle for a downgraded version while paying pretty much the same price as the rest of the world? Why should I have to import it and pay extra for shipping? The currency sure is an issue, but Apple and Samsung bring the real deal here anyways, the result? everybody buys from them. So yeah, middle finger to LG this time around then. Samsung or Motorola then. A shame.

  • AnonD-246723

AnonD-489437, 05 Mar 2016Also, MADE and DESIGNED are both very different thing to do... moreSorry but you not in the position to judge me .
will you say samsung galaxy s7 is not made by samsung ? No right ?
The work make could be the place it made or made by certain party .

No one cares their device made in china or made in moon . They only want the device made by samsung .

  • AnonD-489437

AnonD-246723, 29 Feb 2016Obviously the shirt is made by the brand then .Also, MADE and DESIGNED are both very different thing to do. Please do learn some English.

  • AnonD-489437

AnonD-246723, 28 Feb 2016So the shirt is made by the brand at china simple as that .... moreSuperdry is an UK brand designed in Uk but made in China. Get the point? Please tell me if you do, cause you obviously don't know what is going on to the world. Keep hiding in your cave.

  • AnonD-489437

AnonD-497388, 28 Feb 2016Ok we get your point... So if the Galaxy s7 has a great ca... moreThere are some s6 units which shipped with samsung camera sensors, which still destroyed both iphones' and Sony phones. What are your excuse?

  • AnonD-489437

AnonD-497388, 28 Feb 2016Actually th 14nm FinFet process is not by Samsung, actuall... moreLMAO. If it wasn't for samsung, the SD820 used in almost every oems this year will still overheats like 810.

Anonymous, 29 Feb 2016It makes no business sense for LG to offer the 820 version ... moreIt's just an excuse, LG will bring this castrated LG G5 and probably the price will be close to the Galaxy S7... and most people will ignore this "little" detail since most normal users don't care about the SoC and LG will have a nice profit by offering this G5 "lite" for the price of the flagship phone.

Anonymous, 29 Feb 2016Your statement is quite inaccurate. Meizu Pro 5 use exynos ... moreyes, I know, probably found a solution or whatever reason it is. In Some other Chinese smartpones Samsung gives only lower tier/modified exynos version, not the one Samsung is using. So yeah.

  • Anonymous

It makes no business sense for LG to offer the 820 version in South America. I can't blame them. There are so many import and tariff rules about what percentage of items have to be made within the specific country, etc that it would be too much pain for too little gain. Also, the currencies are not stable enough to keep up with the pricing. I don't blame LG at all. And no, I'm not an LG fan- I don't even have one.

  • AnonD-470464

I WAS gonna buy the LG G5 now i wont even import it. Fu** you LG

  • AnonD-246723

AnonD-489437, 28 Feb 2016When you buy a shirt, it says designed by a brand, and made... moreObviously the shirt is made by the brand then .

  • Anonymous

I will wait for G6

  • AnonD-493531

So, as always, LatinAmerica will get the G5 "Mini/Beat" at the price the rest of the world gets the G5 "full"...shamefull

  • AnonD-111968

Replying, 28 Feb 2016Both are terrible I will keep my S6 and wait for the S8.i'll wait for S9 :)

  • Anonymous

Herodroid, 28 Feb 2016Because its a matter of Samsung. They must do great contrac... moreYour statement is quite inaccurate. Meizu Pro 5 use exynos chipset.

  • MichaelHB

LG, you have dug your own grave ¬_¬.

  • Replying

AnonD-497388, 28 Feb 2016Yeah shame on LG for making the s7 eat G5's dust... Have y... moreBoth are terrible I will keep my S6 and wait for the S8.

AnonD-486125, 27 Feb 2016Yeah, but design from Qualcomm,, And why other big oem li... moreBecause its a matter of Samsung. They must do great contracts to be able to let use exynos in other devices, exynos is made for Samsung devices only. While Qualcomm makes it exactly for other devices.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-497388, 28 Feb 2016Dude SD820 is better than the exynos, have you seen single... moreYou are totally right. The single core performance is the most important. Most apps and games are single threaded.

Especially the emulators like DosBox, PPSSPP, PS1 emulators, they require good single core performance.

  • Nexus 5

That's why you have the internet, to buy whatever you want, limitless of what your country offers you...