Samsung Galaxy S7 camera sensors compared: Sony vs. Samsung

11 March, 2016
Samsung sources both Sony and Samsung made sensors for the S7 camera. Is there any difference in image quality?

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  • Jamie

Theonick, 11 Mar 2016The Samsung sensor seem a bit more vibrant. Saturated you mean? If anything, it looks like Samsung sensor tends to be more aggressive in the post processing. Sony one looks more neutral to me.

  • AnonD-303951

Given that they both both use the novel dual pixel focus and have exactly the same resolution I suspect they are really the same sensors but one manufactured by Samsung under license from Sony or visa versa simply because they needed more production capacity.

  • AnonD-483394

is this means that we will get sony sensor in snapdragon version and samsung sensor on exynos ?? please someone reply and tell me that i am thinking right or wrong ?

The Samsung sensor seem a bit more vibrant.

  • AnonD-503930

Huh... Promoting sasmusng.. Not bad.. But its not okay..

  • Chen

True. The Sony sensor is better on some and the Samsung sensor is better on others.