Samsung Galaxy S7 camera sensors compared: Sony vs. Samsung

11 March, 2016
Samsung sources both Sony and Samsung made sensors for the S7 camera. Is there any difference in image quality?

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-483394, 11 Mar 2016is this means that we will get sony sensor in snapdragon ve... morebro.. snapdragon also use isocell technology from samsung sensor.. it's all depend on manufacturer campany.

  • Sen

Anonymous, 20 Mar 2017Visit: moreWhich One's the Isocell & which one's the IMX?...please let me know if you're clear on this!

  • Anonymous

and look at the playing cards. You will see a big difference!

  • AnonD-599330

well I think isocell sensors are made for quick point & shoot camera producing high colour contrast, as well as sony imx sensors are gd for pics having lighting contrast! so need a iphone type camera choose isocell or getting high dynamic range pics like dslr grab imx sensor inside phones😁😁😁

  • Anonymous

Carol, 14 Mar 2016You're joking right? I mean, how ignorat can someone be to ... moreBuying a Lumia these days for the camera is like buying a car for the engine except the wheels, brakes, clutch, gearbox and everything else doesn't work. Lumia fans are almost as bad as Apple fanboys when it comes to cameras. "Muh 41mp Carl Zeiss, bro." I'd rather have a phone with a decent camera that works than have a cracking spec'd phone that runs W10 like the 950XL. I suppose with such a limited OS all you can brag about is how lovely the photos are... But if you care about photography THAT much then buy a DSLR if you want outstanding photos and if you own one then be quiet and use it.

P.S. The S6 did top most cameraphone reviews until the Z5 came out so there was a time if your arrogance can take a backseat long enough for you to research.

  • qsilver

I've always been impressed with a Sony Camera since I've used a Xperia X10 mini years ago.

Although it had only a 5MP camera, I was amazed at the quality of the pictures it produced. Another plus was that the size of the pictures wasn't too large - an average picture would be 500KB, so the argument about larger size pictures having better quality is not necessarily true.

Compared to a Samsung A3 that I owned recently, the Sony put it to shame when it came to the camera.

I also find that the depth perception in the Sony sensor is much better. Overall, pictures are more real, texture seems more life like as well, and I prefer the warmer colors.

The Samsung sensor produces slightly washed out pictures in comparison.

By the way, I have a S6 with an Isocell sensor, so I would want the Samsung sensor to be better, but facts are facts! πŸ˜€

  • Anonymous Coward

The Samsung sensor images seems over sharpened.

  • AnonD-522561

I downloaded all the files and almost all of them the Samsung was the larger file size, and the one that wasn't was single digit kb close. So Samsung has more detail

  • Linas

Carol, 14 Mar 2016You're joking right? I mean, how ignorat can someone be to ... moreMy answer would be - in every generation of the phone since at least S2. Yes.. yes poor nokia fans can claim that at some point 920 was best phone for still, now maybe 950. But the daylight performance on stills are far from what is needed for best camera phone. Nokia have terrible video, not matching low-light performance, not matching focusing time and optical image stabilisation.. Yes they might take an edge on stills with their monstrous 41mp bump, but that doesn't make best camera phone... Ohhhh and forgotten to mention nokias are terrible phones in all other aspects, so bad that nobody would ever consider buying them anyway.. that is why even if they have best cameras that wouldn't count between camera phones.. rather camera with phone capabilities.

  • Adeel

AnonD-514963, 15 Mar 2016It's quite clear when you're looking at the actual photos a... moreI go samsung senor, but i am very disappointed, it result is not upto mark. I was much happy with my Galaxy S6 Edge than this one.
So I conclude that Sony Sensor is much better than Samsung own sensor....

  • AnonD-520389

damn the picture on the left is soooo bad...whose sensor is it???

  • hahaha

ICE, 14 Mar 2016I downloaded the full size samples and viewed them at 100%.... moreDo you know what you are talking about? The points you mentioned are for LENSE rather than SENSOR. To compare sensor, tester must use high end camera and lab test charts and output in RAW format, then process photos with same tool with identical setup. The parameters for sensor are S/N and then Dynamic Range, usable ISO etc. Sony is King of Sensor. Nikon has produced several wonderful entry level cameras like D7000 after adopted SONY sensor. Nowadays in the market of DSLR and high-end compact camera, all the good ones are using Sony sensor. On the other hand, Samsung is quitting.

  • AnonD-514963

It's quite clear when you're looking at the actual photos and not assessing them in terms of fringing etc, the Sony Sensor gives the natural eye more perception of the image in terms of depth, and texture.

The colours are more real as well, so if it's a scene where the light is low, the image reflects the actual scenario, without producing additional noise.

In summation, the Sony produces the more realistic, and more natural picture.

The end.
BTW, I use a S6. With a Samsung sensor.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-425519, 11 Mar 2016I agree, Sony is always more natural and better. However, t... moreDid you see the second group comparison? The samsung sensor produce a unnatural image, the Graffiti pink word inside the image emerge 3D effects.

  • StoneD ~Indian Pi(x)

Anonymous, 14 Mar 2016it really does not matter since the picture taken from a sm... moreWell said my friend, well said!

  • ICE

camera_exp, 14 Mar 2016No, totally wrong, you need to see them in full size, sony ... moreI downloaded the full size samples and viewed them at 100%. The Samsung produces cleaner images, better colours and far less purple fringes compared to Sony. It is especially evident how washed out the Sony image is in the first set (the green pump) and then compare the images shot of the corridor, you see the blue lines down the vertical edges of the doors of the Sony image? Don't kid yourself ok.

  • Carol

Jarret, 14 Mar 2016Samsung still the world's best camera smartphoneYou're joking right? I mean, how ignorat can someone be to say Samsung is Still the best cameraphone?! When were they the best, cause i don't remember? I remember tough fake biased reviews and of course exagerated publicity videos (aren't they all?), also from the "great" apple that with everyphone, they have the best camera. But with every real use, they have almost the worst. Comparing them to lumia, being like comparing an Trabant with an Audi. So please, "enlight" me, when were samsung the best? With that shamefull zoom? The flop camera of all times? S3? :)))))) that's a funny one! S4 s5, s6? Let's not joke to much. The 950 destroy's them. So what is left? S7?. Do you even own one? Just saying

  • Anonymous

camera_exp, 14 Mar 2016No, totally wrong, you need to see them in full size, sony ... moreSo says every other Sony fan

  • camera_exp

Anonymous, 13 Mar 2016in this comparison samsung looks much better with colours,f... moreNo, totally wrong, you need to see them in full size, sony is more detailed.
and it is wired both shows a lot of purple fringing.

  • Anonymous

Upon closer examination both sensors are the same, and they produce the same image quality.