Samsung Galaxy S7 camera sensors compared: Sony vs. Samsung

11 March, 2016
Samsung sources both Sony and Samsung made sensors for the S7 camera. Is there any difference in image quality?

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  • Anonymous

Which side is Samsung and Sony?

  • Jarret

Samsung still the world's best camera smartphone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Mar 2016Much better? What you need is a good glasses 😊 Second... moreBottom line the Samsung sensor produces a better PQ, Better low light ,Sharpness,Field of view and warmer colour even if marginal.

  • AnonD-126854

Anonymous, 13 Mar 2016Much better? What you need is a good glasses 😊 Second... moreThe truth is that you are the one that needs glasses.
Though S7 with Sony sensor is not much worse.

  • Anonymous

it really does not matter since the picture taken from a smartphone is only good for fb, twitter, instagram, snapchat... if your a professional or in the business on photography you are bound to buy a DSLR anyway

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Mar 2016in this comparison samsung looks much better with colours,f... moreMuch better?

What you need is a good glasses 😊

Second, the the IMX260 is software downgraded by Samsung so that their sensors easy match and still downgraded IMX260 take better photo.

Next time, you need first investigate before you talk.

  • AnonD-126854

Sorry guys, but Samsung make better camera sensors than Sony already. Blind cold see it.
It was expected though, but not so soon.
Pity that Samsung can not produce enough yield this time, so still depend on Sony.

  • Anonymous

Chen, 11 Mar 2016True. The Sony sensor is better on some and the Samsung sen... morein this comparison samsung looks much better with colours,field of view,low light and sharpness . look @ the clouds in the factory shots for example

  • Anonymous

Samsung is def better but i like sony phones more due to their design elegance

  • Anonymous

Reiki, 13 Mar 2016Wouldn't that be because... LG5 IS USING SONY'S SENSOR? Ha... moreLG developed its own in house sensor they don't use third party sensors

  • neontetra

AnonD-367917, 13 Mar 2016When viewing photos on a phone sized screen, there isn't mu... morei will start with my preffered camera being alpha series if that helps. but either you know what your talking about, or just like reading photography websights. but even pixel peeping , unless your the one which took these photos yourself, there would be no way to compare the 2 as to which is better. because as you even pointed out . we do not know focal points , or even the simplest settings run on the camera. can only assume it was done on manual with identical settings. but without having any knowledge. I would wager gsm could take a comparison photo using the exact same phone and optics. and just claim they used 2 different phones. and the arguments on this sight would not change at all. because none of the errors i saw on either side were across the board. they didn't carry over from picture to picture . which seriously leaves into question, more how the pictures were taken then the hardware itself.

  • AnonD-494168

very minor differences

  • ImagingV

You can't infer image sensor PDAF quality by only looking at final image sharpness at system level. 1. PDAF is only applied for the stage of coarse AF position search. That's how it speeds up. but in general, PDAF is lack of precision for final AF convergence. 2. optics, ISP and IQ tuning all have impacts on final image sharpness.

  • Reiki

Anonymous, 12 Mar 2016Why everybody is fighting about which sensor is better ,eve... moreWouldn't that be because... LG5 IS USING SONY'S SENSOR?
Have a good day you too.

  • AnonD-367917

AnonD-485034, 12 Mar 2016I have no clue about photographies, I don't see much differ... moreWhen viewing photos on a phone sized screen, there isn't much to compare... Most cameras take shots with resolutions far greater than that which our displays have, so unless we 'pixel peep', and view a tiny fraction of the shot, either printed or zoomed in on a large, ideally calibrated, 'photo quality monitor',.. we are unlikely to see differences.

And the few differences we see, to the trained eye, is fair reason to judge one sensor higher than another.

Most people visiting gsmarena and phone fanatics have no idea what they are looking for when comparing.

My issues with these shots, is the same whenever comparing 'full auto' settings in compact cameras... A slightly different focus point or wider aperture would change the output comparison in vastly more significant ways that will attract comment from untrained 'pixel peepers'.

Even in dedicated photography websites a thread like this could all sorts of arguments to be presented, and well reasoned...
Unfortunately, these shots are a fairly poor basis for comparison for many people.

And yes, some skin tones please!

Anyhow they both should share a quality lens... And have very fast processing.
Without raw mode for comparison and, manual controls, this just makes for an argument not based on actual metrics but rather 'how we feel'.

I feel, and am well confident, the Sony sensor would poop all over the Samsung.. Who knows what Samsung are willing to do at a software level to 'level' the playing field...

Most know that the subtle differences we see here, are the sort of differences that do MATTER to photography types when evaluating which has better resolving dynamic range etc

  • AnonD-505556

Samsung wins on all 3 comparisons. Sony looks muddy. And no, it's not due to "software sharpening". Just more details....there is significant difference in 100% crop actually. Too bad for those people who got Samsung sensors and decided to return it. LOL

  • camera_expert

dual camera microlens could not be well aligned, so you could easily see chromatic aberration on corner .

  • JinRoh

What about night shots? Who is better?

  • AnonD-514043

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2016did you understand the meaning???? if yes push away the awf... moreOh, did I hurt your little girl feelings? If you have any minimum reading comprehension you'll see that I went straight to the point after the first short sentence. And again, if you have any minimum reading comprehension you'll notice that comment shows the person is confused thinking the comparison is between samsung's and Sony's cameras instead of two Samsung cameras with different sensors. So leave aside your inmature ranting and grow a little bit. You're making a huge ranting for a comment that wasn't even trolling or showing any hate.

  • AnonD-162165

As far as I can see, left images are a little bit sharper, but I like colors of right images.