Google Maps Navigation is now available in 11 more countries

9 June, 2010
Going on a trip around Europe? Don't forget to update your Google Maps Navigation and Google Mobile App, which now offers navigation in 11 new European countries and voice search in four new languages...

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  • dng888

An updated version for Australia would be appreciated. Though we are quite an isolated country with kangaroos jumping around the city!

Seriously though, please update the navigation for Australia; currently it's no use to me if it only works in Europe and US.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Jun 2010Will it be able to work on Samsung's Bada OS. Here it says only ... moreIt already said it is for android why repeat the question?

  • Anonymous

@wizzy, @anonymous

Not for Nokias. Not for Bada OS.


The rest of you get vanilla google maps.

  • wizzy

Does it work on Nokia N95 8GB, and whether possible where can I download it?

  • Anonymous

Will it be able to work on Samsung's Bada OS. Here it says only for Android phones?

  • ace

Can somebody tell me if you've already have google maps on your mobile, will it updated automatically to google maps navigation??
I have the HTC Desire, google maps already pre-installed.

  • Rob Wouters

The best Navigation Ever! Free, easy, decent and it looks great! Also the dutch voice navigation works fine. Just tested it on my android phone.

  • girl19

I like this kind of navigation! Better like the tomtom version on my old mobile but you can't have anything,

  • Alex

I want this in brazil and in portuguese-br

  • Anonymous

I test this gps on my desire and he is the best free navigator i never seen very smooth WOW !!

when you are wrong spelling it find the correct address !

  • teddy efendy


  • Adrian

In Europa i don't think it will be a name to remember Google Maps, maybe at the level of each country to use the service. Also in Europa it's a lack of the Android fones, Nokia is the best friend of europeans. Do you know how much will cost you to use the internet from Italy to Holland, maybe the same amount as the fone himself. How can you travel through Romania till Ireland , all the companies Vodafone, Orange will charge you every bit, byte, kilobyte, dont you think it's better just to go on the computer and download all the countrys on the device and just hit GO.Nokia will rule at least Europa for a long time, in Pfones and GPS capabilities.Ciao

  • deep space bar

Anonymous, 10 Jun 2010Next generation ovi maps will be amazingyes universal version of ovi maps 4
symbian3 and 1 and s60 3rd

  • Anonymous

Next generation ovi maps will be amazing

  • elie

How about for Australia? :(

  • Anonymous

Htc tattoo can run this google maps navigation?Because many apps cant running on htc tattoo although it have 1.6 android.

  • Anonymous

ovi map is better

  • Anonymous

luckily we nokia users can have both google maps and ovi maps

  • Anonymous

Nokia maps has an advantage because it does not require an internet connection. Many people have told Google, directly and via other sites, to offer an offline option for Google Maps but there has been no word on this.

  • Mark

Stuntman, 09 Jun 2010I'm in Metro Vancouver and I've been trying out both Ovi and Goo... moreGreat detail! Thanks.

I think Nokia is addressing the POI issue together with Yahoo as well as 3rd party listings. Should improve dramatically, like it has in the EU. Works fine here.

What I see as an utter fail though, is the following.

In the EU, you are likely to be crossing borders, especially in those situations where you need navigation. That is one of the most common use cases. And guess what, Google maps will NOT be used because of the crazy costs per Mb and usage because it does not have offline maps.