Oppo R9 and R9 Plus official: 16MP front-facers on both

17 March, 2016
5.5" and 6" models, both FullHD, the big one comes with a Snapdragon 652.

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  • guest?

I suppose the R9 having reached a level of physical refinement and also being able to use headphone jacks, is good value.

  • K.das

Plz confirm the price of R9 & R9 plus

  • Anonymous

ROHIT, 20 Mar 2016Plz COnfirm the Oppo R9 & R9 Plus Price...the starting price of R9 is ¥2799:)

  • TechGuru

The device only features a 16MP camera on the front... the back is 13MP

Check out the press release they sent out, it includes Australia pricing: http://www.oppo.com/au/about-oppo-australia-press/OPPO_Unveils_R9/


Plz COnfirm the Oppo R9 & R9 Plus Price...

  • Photorasis

BRAVO!!!!!! we wait Oppo FInd 9

  • AnonD-183704

excellent configuration but poor battery

  • banty sahu

it,s so nice phone

  • Zks

Sushant Sic, 17 Mar 201616MP front?? Ohh Revolutionary.... Ya it's an new selfie experience which we get from oppo r9

Xz8441, 18 Mar 2016What a nonsense release. Especially the R9 with worse re... moreJustified comments. It pains me to say but slowly Oppo is turning out to be a shit company with shit pricing strategy. I prefer Xiaomi, Lenovo & LeEco over Oppo & Vivo if I had to go for a Chinese branded smartphone. They offer a much better VFM product.

  • samora

what a fake.. clearly they have copied an iphone 6s.. very stupid

What a nonsense release.

Especially the R9 with worse rear camera compared to the front.

Still releasing 5.1.1 at this time? nearly 2 years Marshmallow is out? And with N preview already out?

Bul*shit with their teasing slogan.

No OPPO, it's totally NOT worth to wait awhile longer for these 2 crap

  • Anonymous

oh! an iPhone!

  • Kelsric

AnonD-435756, 18 Mar 2016I dont know why all these companies copying iphone. Why do you think they have copied iPhone? It's like saying that all cars look similar to a particular model of a car which in your shrewd view was the first to come up with that shape, it's called fair competition, you make what the customers want. Your observation of copying couldn't be any more far from the truth

  • AnonD-435756

Oppo expensive, 17 Mar 2016This is expensive... I dont know why all these companies copying iphone.

  • AnonD-511808

very good mid-ranger phablet.

Almost identical to Samsung A9 but with a better spec.
- Battery 4120 mAh vs 4000 mAh (A9)
- Faster charging with VOOC Flash Charge
- Memory (Int 64 GB, RAM 4GB) vs (Int 32 GB, RAM 3GB)
- Rear Camera 16 MP with 1/2,8" sensor vs 13 MP with 1/3" (both are standard megapixel, not ultra pixel)
- Front Camera 16 MP vs 8 MP
- More lighter (185 g in R9plus vs 200 g in A9)
- MAYBE cheaper than A9

- No radio compare to A9
- Not planned yet to be Marshmallow
- No Gorilla Glass 4 in back panel
- And not released yet :)

  • Jarret

Oppo R9 = iPhone6s. Sucks

  • Anonymous

thegoalkeeper, 17 Mar 2016Nowadays most Chinese phones look like Samsung phones. Or did Samsung copy the chinese phones?

  • AnonD-257034

iPhone's sister from another mister.