LG G5's SD652 variant is now official

19 March, 2016
The variant is now listed on the South Korean company's Panama website.

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  • BlueSky

Not only Latin Americans, Vietnam also use 652 and 3GB ram. Very negative feedback after announce by LG VN. The module is very expensive, B&O module is 300USD. And phone cost ~580USD is not cheap for SD652 (when compare with S7 ~690USD)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Mar 2016WTF.lg are you crazy? you get out flagship with SD652??????... moreIt's a good move to save costs, SoC only plays a minimal role in general performance especially when the difference is as trivial as A72 vs Kryo cores (both very fast).

You should worry more about the downgrade in Ram. Ram is probably the most important spec. Downgrading it means more redraws, means laggier experience...

  • Anonymous

WTF.lg are you crazy? you get out flagship with SD652????????!!!!!!!!!!! Samsung and htc released SD6th series for midrange and g5 is a flagship!!!!!!! why lg? why downgraded version? it's really nonsense.

Anonymous, 19 Mar 2016The SD652 has two A72 cores doesn't it? I know that it was ... moreThe 652 has 4 A72 cores, the 650 has 2. But yeah your right in CPU performance terms the 652 should be able to match the 810, and the 650 wouldn't be far behind either.

Ok, your looking at the less efficient and older 28mn process on the 652 versus the 20mn of the 810, and I think 652 tops out at 1.8Ghz where as the 810 hits 2Ghz. But all things being equal the 652 might even be better in cou terms over the 810 (which really underperformed in that area).

  • Anonymous

Ram is more important for every day experience, so the title is wrong. It should read the 3GB variant. 3GB instead of 4gb means more reloads and a laggier experience. SoCs are fast enough to handle everything even demanding games these days, so SD652 is fine.

3GB is not , you can find $100 Chinese phones with 3GB of ram, if your "high end" phone reloads as much stuff as a "low end" you know that your phone is probably not high end and that you have been duped..

  • Christian

AnonD-375713, 19 Mar 2016And just because some don't care doesn't mean all shouldn't... moreYou know,I believe in the point A. Maybe am reasoning differently a bit,but surely milking money isnt the real reason... after all the difference will be 5-10$ per SoC.Not enough to be a real reason.

  • AnonD-301770

why is baterry only 2800 nimh?What I do not like the bottons on the side,it was bad.Why not waterproof??

  • Anonymous

Lex79, 19 Mar 2016The deal was done and signed before the availability of the... moreThe SD652 has two A72 cores doesn't it? I know that it was right up there with the SD810 in benchmarks

  • Beto

AnonD-375713, 19 Mar 2016And just because some don't care doesn't mean all shouldn't... moreI would see no problem if Lg call it "G5 Beat", for example, and not only "G5".

  • AnonD-263286

Should've been called G5C. "C" for Cheat.

  • Anonymous

Should have been FHD for efficiency

  • AnonD-246723

AnonD-375713, 19 Mar 2016And just because some don't care doesn't mean all shouldn't... moreNo one say you shouldnt .
You can care you want .

  • AnonD-375713

Trooper, 19 Mar 2016Why do we have any choices ?, why not just take what we are... morecause no one is actually giving, they are charging, a lot, for it.
Like I'm saying bellow, how much will they charge for it will determine the reason for the choice.
In Brazil at least for phones it usually (obviously not always) goes like this:
You want a smartphone, want some stuff done better but not into paying tons? You grab some Android device, tons of options.
You really know about specs and all, you want the cutting edge? Grab an Android flagship.
You want to show off and look "better" than others, with something that screams "I have more money than you"? iPhone. Heck even the 8GB 5c, but must be an iPhone.
THEN there's that 5~10% that gets an iPhone because they like how it operates and all, and don't even switch to the new model every time it releases.

Considering the market here, if the G5 hits with this 652 chipset here, it really has to be cheaper. The possible buyers of Android flagships here aren't usually clueless about specs.

  • AnonD-379427

HAHAHAHAHA. Good on those LG fans, good that LG is milking their own customers now. For once I'm happy for these LG fans, totally serve them right for supporting such cheap company that puts out cheap products. Enjoy your crappy G5.

  • AnonD-375713

Akinaro, 19 Mar 2016Because it would be cheaper and 90% of people actually dont... moreAnd just because some don't care doesn't mean all shouldn't.
Just as much as one doesn't give a fart about the processing power as long as it's enough, some will want the best.
And let's be frank. Are you buying a random mid range device or the flagship that the company has to offer? What are you actually PAYING for? that's the question here.
They have the choice for the 652 for 2 reasons in my opinion:

A: it was chosen because since it's cheaper, we can sell it at the market where high processing power is underutilized at a lower price point with all the rest of the premium that people on this market care for, and it may sell better that way than a more expensive phone that people won't know the difference.

OR the one that I bet:
B: it was chosen because since it's cheaper, we can sell it at the same price as it would be with the 820 and rip off more, cause consumers there don't care, lucky us!

I REALLY hope it's option A but bet strongly on B cause you know, companies.

  • AnonD-77892

is LG getting crazy?

  • AnonD-507785

[deleted post]Dunno. What about it?

AnonD-230803, 19 Mar 2016What if its the SD810? Thats a 2GHz octa core, though given... moreI highly doubt we'll see any vendors utilise the 810 from this point on

AnonD-246723, 19 Mar 2016Well if it is s625 , i will run at 100% load for most of th... moreAgreed

  • Anonymous

These would perform worse than kirin950. Why did they do this?