HTC 10 goes on pre-order in Romania early, for a hefty 740

29 March, 2016
This is not the official price - the phone isn't official yet either - but it seems rather steep.

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  • sowhat

Well April 15 has come and gone and, as usual, QuickMobile doesn't deliver on its promise. This is to be expected from such an unreliable store. They specialize in providing products from God knows where, the Orient and other parts of the world, with software that never gets updated according to Europe standards. Not to mention warranty service that is not up to par with official providers. I will never buy from these guys again.

  • marius

Quick mobile is selling the medium version, the Snapdragon 625 version not the 820 one, and the colors are all wrong...

  • AnonD-240533

dan, 30 Mar 2016Sorry to say but quickmobile is a scam site. I have a lumia boug... moreWell, you're right. But they (quick mobile) get away with it, RMA service from PcGarage it's not happy to deal with them either, but the top management doesn't care, they just want to sell no matter what. You can receive you best treatment from Gersim ;) The only solution is that people stops buying their shity phones!

  • Tasos

I used to have the M7 and I upgrated to M9 last June.
I am pretty happy with it as its a beautiful elegant beast with no problems what so ever.
I dont understand the critic for it and I will wait to upgrade to the M11 when that comes.
However I must admit that the M10 looks beautiful as well.......

  • Cristi

Dear author of this article, please update your article with this prices.
In Romania:
Iphone 6s(16Gb):710€(after 6 months)
Sony Z5(32gb):710€(after 6 months)
Well that price it seems that is in the same area with the other ones.

  • dan

[deleted post]Sorry to say but quickmobile is a scam site. I have a lumia bought from a reseller (pcgarage) that use quickmobile's service for warranty and they do not repair your phone. If you have a problem you lost your money. And they refuse to respect our law, I assume that they bribed someone on ANPC to dismiss any complaint. And they sell phones that are not compatible with our local networks without warning buyers. SCAM SCAM SCAM

  • AnonD-519962

AnonD-494376, 29 Mar 2016This is the next level of fanboyism,I used the HTC m7 and was de... moreI've never used a M7. But my M8 really doesn't lag, with marshmallow update. Sometime the app will take some time to launch, but things are mostly smooth. And I have an iPhone 6 in comparison, the experience of smoothness is pretty near.(iPhone is a bit faster in multitasking and gaming)

  • AnonD-494376

Anonymous, 29 Mar 2016Well, my M8 didn't lag unless it was on power saving mode. But o... moreI thought my galaxy nexus was the fastest phone ever when I bought it after the jelly bean update.. But now when I use it, it's obvious that it's slow and lags, if you think your m8 never lagged... You're obviously compensating for the money you spent, plus the sd801 ran even hotter then the sd810

  • Meh

Well, I tell you who would afford it. The people who buy it with fat contracts, or who take a personal credit to buy it, as in any other country, mostly the poor people; because usually you see those kind of people running around with the most expensive phones / cars, even if they don't have money to pay the rent - just to show their "status".
Additionally, the prices in Romania are over-inflated, first of all, due to the currency conversion (which even Carriers put on huge margins on - because all contracts, rents in Romania are payed in Euro, even though it is not the national currency - normal conversion of Euro / RON is 4.5RON / Euro, Shops / Carriers usually trade 5-5.5RON / Euro, "safety margin", when you need to pay in RON, and if you need to pay in Euro, then it is 4RON / Euro), and second of all, everyone wants to make a quick buck, so why not overprice it? You will always find dummies who will pay the over-inflated prices (this is not HTC related, but the people in between - the men in the middle, "which are the official dealers" for HTC in that country).

  • AnonD-520326

Quickmobile are know to have steep prices for phones at launch time... 2-3 months into the seling period the price on quickmobile will drop. PS: they sold Nexus 6P for about 3600 Ron (800 euro / 900 $) at launch date.

  • Anonymous

Who will afford that hence not people with a salary higher than €700 and have a family to feed let alone people whose wages are like €200 per month

  • AnonD-520381

Well, this is Romania :))) I remember when a Romanian electronics retailer sold the iPhone 4 32 GB for 2,400 euros. Yes, 2400 euros. And actually there were a few guys that bought it back in the day. Crazy stuff...

''16GB version of the iPhone 4 has a price of 8.699 lei, while the 32 GB version costs no more and no less than 10 249 lei (2,400 euros), over 100 million ROL. Altex has so far received two orders for the iPhone 4, according to company officials.

A free iPhone 4 costs the UK around 600 euros (about 2,600 lei), 16 GB version and 720 euros (about 3,100 lei), the 32 GB.''­;tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=ro&ie=UTF­-8&­de-iphone-4-in-tara-noastra-afla-la-ce-pret-1366­06.html&edit-text=&act=url

  • Anonymous

AnonD-494376, 29 Mar 2016This is the next level of fanboyism,I used the HTC m7 and was de... moreWell, my M8 didn't lag unless it was on power saving mode. But other than that, I felt like the phone was way too expensive for what I got for the money.

  • AnonD-494376

Blunder , 29 Mar 2016That is beyond my point. If the majority of phone users agree to... moreThis is the next level of fanboyism,I used the HTC m7 and was definitely the worst android smartphone ever, it lagged all the time, it had terrible battery life, a purple camera and it became extremely hot to the touch. After that I bought an Oppo find 7a and never looked back, better in everyway. Anyone who says their phone never lagged, has "buyers Stockholm syndrome"

  • AnonD-440558

Have you ever been un Romania?

  • Anonymous

Well, they are really really optimistic.

  • AnonD-308477

Anonymous, 29 Mar 2016I live in Romania. This is a grey market site, not official reta... moreintersting to know..thanks for the serious info .

  • AnonD-308477

whit that price they scare away customers....i was considering HTC again..but with that price...nope no way. The wrong way is the HTC way.

Rip HTC with this pricing as always overpricing. They dont seem to come back at all. Hate this company to work with google with nexus. Price will be near to iphone. Sadly.

  • Anonymous

SB, 29 Mar 2016I Also HTC desire S it is a good phone though I experienced rest... moreNope, I have an M8 and have never seen that problem.