HTC 10 teased again, meanwhile GFXBench exposes its specs

29 March, 2016
HTC 10 has been teased yet again by the company, this time we get to see its capacitive keys.

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  • AnonD-398362
  • Ibx
  • 29 Mar 2016

Herodroid, 29 Mar 2016Good job HTC, you are very close to bankrupt. Why would the... moreThat's your opinion. Maybe the whole reason no one bought the m9 was because of lack of Qhd. Who are you to judge, I wonder what phone your using? Probably an iPhone, would explain why you only care about low resolution

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    • Jason melling
    • 7v6
    • 29 Mar 2016

    Very expensive i think

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      • Anonymous
      • X}Q
      • 29 Mar 2016

      This basically confirms the leaked photos. Disappointing. They could've placed the fingerprint sensor at the back and retain the front facing BoomSound stereo speakers. That would be perfect.

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        • AnonD-491921
        • 2SQ
        • 29 Mar 2016

        HTC is late for the party.They are Overpricing it too.They have been optimistic with their flagships before too.I Hope this time its Pays off or there is no way out for HTC.This year is make or break year for HTC.Chinese manufacturers are bringing in goog quality smartphones too.So better HTC 10 be great(It have to match the build quality and Hardwares with Samsung,Apple and LG,then they have a chance).It dosent take a long time to go down when you are a billion dollar company.Ever heard of OGX and Eike batista.He was worth ~$35 billion in 2012 and in 2014 his worth became -$1 billion(one billion in debt).

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          • optimul
          • sBU
          • 29 Mar 2016

          Was big htc fan still love there software sense no other phone can beat that. But lets talk about design , htc use to be the design daddy with the best looking phones but recently Samsung has done a tremendous job in designing s6 edge and s7 edge. So I was expecting htc to design m10 from scratch and come up with something different not just follow the a9 style or the design I think almost all the Chinese brands are making.
          Of course the ingredients inside the phone will be top notch and I'm sure the price will be very good at least in USA market. Will make developer edition phone with extra goodies and all, but I think now customer also want looks too so I hope htc will surprise everyone with a complete different phone then what rumors are showing. I wish htc all the best for this phone and on the new camera. I hope they dont fail this time

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            • Amiro
            • Rbq
            • 29 Mar 2016

            Hmmm are there two variations of the SD820? Sometimes I see 2.1 as the frequency and other times 2.3 (or 2.2, don't remember)

            Someone please clarify.

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              • AnonD-246264
              • myQ
              • 29 Mar 2016

              gsm keep switching and swapping rumoured specs like they dont read their own articles.

              I suspect this phone is going to ha e some surprises, e.g. it may still have stereo sound, just not both front facing.

              problem is, the party happened weeks ago and people went home already.

              Im only holding out because nothing has ticked all the boxes for me yet. Think i will be 2017 before that happens :(

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                • AnonD-249419
                • amW
                • 29 Mar 2016

                AnonD-489437, 29 Mar 2016Nope. Not trusting any words from htc again. Especially wit... moreHTC never failed in camera department. M7, M8 had GREAT cameras in fact everybody inspired by their idea. Have you ever heard about camera aperture before M7 in smartphone? now everybody teasing about 1.9 , 1.8 , 1.7 etc... They only failed on M9's camera because they rushed to release the device. after 2 camera update it took amazing pictures but hell, it was too late for it.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • Lh9
                  • 29 Mar 2016

                  It looks great and so sexy. The best are getting better.if battery will be great too,then htc 10 is the best mobile that world ever seen.i'm waiting.for sure it's better than s7.

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                    • AnonD-316836
                    • U2C
                    • 29 Mar 2016

                    GsmArena, where is source for Amoled? Everyone else is reporting superLCD..

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                      • Freexrythem
                      • fmg
                      • 29 Mar 2016

                      Christian, 29 Mar 2016I'll say you are the s****d! M9 has a worst display than m... moreShould we open up a boxing ring for u guys...
                      Come on guys.. We all entitled to opinions, suggestions and ideas.. That's what makes us unique

                      No need for all that.

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                        • Christian
                        • 0UZ
                        • 29 Mar 2016

                        Zero, 29 Mar 2016R u stupid. that was one of the reason they failed with m9.... moreI'll say you are the s****d!
                        M9 has a worst display than m8,and that's the fact!HTC proved itself incredibly cheap with the display of the m9.
                        Besides that m9 failed for a number of other reasons like:crapdragon 810 and its overheating issues,bad camera without OIS,bigger dimensions for a 5" and small bettery,no fingerprint scaner etc etc
                        So next time think twice before you said something stupid!

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                          • m5I
                          • 29 Mar 2016

                          The bottom of the phone looks sexy ;)

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                            • AnonD-489437
                            • wfL
                            • 29 Mar 2016

                            Nope. Not trusting any words from htc again. Especially with the terrible camera for the past few years

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                              • AnonD-504240
                              • Ibx
                              • 29 Mar 2016

                              I don't know why they keep saying it's an amoled display when it's super LCD 5.

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                                • Mircea1101
                                • 0Un
                                • 29 Mar 2016

                                Looks good,hope the battery will last long enough and a lot of ppl will buy it.i will just stick to my s6,not worth upgrading

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                                  • Zero
                                  • Rch
                                  • 29 Mar 2016

                                  Herodroid, 29 Mar 2016Good job HTC, you are very close to bankrupt. Why would the... moreR u stupid. that was one of the reason they failed with m9. same display 3 years straight you troll.

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                                    • Shailendra
                                    • rKv
                                    • 29 Mar 2016

                                    It's chamfered edges looks better this time as it was in M7 ( unlike the previous rumoured images)

                                      Maybe they will use sony-like resolution changing - I would like to see that combined with fast system and better battery lastings...

                                        Good job HTC, you are very close to bankrupt. Why would they go with QHD? FHD would be probably cheaper, also it would make phone overal faster.