Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 gets a firmware update

30 June, 2010
The XPERIA X10 migration to Eclair 2.1 may not begin before autumn, but as promised Sony Ericsson has just released a major firmware update for their Android flagship improving its performance and stability...

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  • white boy

no one has solution for x10 a battery prob fone cottin off have to take batt out and replace before it comes on what to do. from trinidad

  • Adil

x10i tmobile usa , 16 Jul 2010I already got the update, it's faster. But i just notice that th... moretake to sony ericsson company they will deal with it.

  • Funky D

Hi guys,

I've made the update to 2.1

But now, i can't charge my battery anymore and when i connect to my pc, it shows no sd-card.

Can someone help me out.


  • yoga

khilan., 19 Nov 2010Is upgrade from android 2.o to 2.2 possible for my x10i? If yes ... moreyes dude,,, u cn approach nearby showroom..i hv did n chennai...

  • khilan.

Is upgrade from android 2.o to 2.2 possible for my x10i? If yes then how? I m from india.

  • Emrul

Im from Bangladesh. When we'll get firmware update. Tried to get update through both pc companion and phone. But still saying i have the latest update of 1.6. Help me friends. :(

  • shehan

i m from southeast bangladesh...havnt received update..plz help..i use xperia x10a

  • krishna

im in Australia and having an x10a,and i have not received the update. When i asked Sony Ericsson support they replied with an e-mail that my phone does not need the update!!! as only some phones which are meant to receive it do. When asked about all the Creatouch and Backupp apps they replied to just wait for the Android2.1 update in the last 4 months of this year.


Damn, it's really good phone but support is real terrible! i update my phone today track ID gone, when i bought phone have not market on :-w it's just like joke! my choice between milestone(motorola) and this one! some times i think i made wrong choice for bought x10, when i can't use more that 95% apps what difrrence between x10 and 1100 !? have not market! track ID gone! every 1 min error about google.apps & crashing some times automaticly ...
if some want to choose this one! i arrive on time! i say all of this! buying x10 in middle east just buying 700$ trouble! if it's real technology why it haven't market app , what's the diffrence with me(middle east or african) and american european guy!? why qualities of product arrive to use must be diffrent!? it's how kind of game or humantiy ?!

  • x10 fan

awesome update!!

  • x10i tmobile usa

I already got the update, it's faster. But i just notice that the trackID app does not work anymore.

  • Raju

update over wifi works than with SEUS or PC companion..& oops! i'm from middleeast

  • Anonymous

ma phone already updated.... cambodia

  • Anonymous

ma phone aready updated...cambodi

  • Anonymous

my 1 is also x10i and after updating:
firmware version 1.6
baseband version:1.1.27
build number:r2ba023
where do u live.i m in middle iz very important where do u live...i dont know abt usa..just wait till it comes....and i have 1 prob wid my phone dat is i m not havin market place>>>>>

  • Anonymous

somebody please helppppppppppppppppp,
yes my phone says: model number: x10i i know it is international that's why i bought it cause it is the only one that works with tmobile USA.
firmware version: 1.6
baseband version: 1.0.16
build number: R1FA016
i did follow the steps like you said, i have done it before too and it worked from R1FA14 to R1FA16 but now no luck thank you anyways.

  • Anonymous

i m da first to get update in middle for update from ur phon....u will get it but by the website dey show dat ders no update available for x10...i donno about pc companion......try it....

  • Toksmachine

A lot of apps stay open in the background which makes it look like it takes ages to charge. I find the best thing is to charge it for roughly about 2 hours at which point the green light goes out and if you check you will find the battery has a full 100% charge.

The longer you leave it plugged in, it automatically opens some apps in the background which use the battery!

Hope that helps.

  • Medo

I faced the same problem before because i install a lot of apps run at background check that and try to uninstall some of them

  • namez bond

Hassan, 05 Jul 2010Is anyone facing battery not charging problem. I can't charge my... moredo you charge your phone like as soon as the battery reaches 40/50%? that causes the life of the battery or the efficiency to decrease so that might be 1 of the reasons...OR may be you have a defective charger. cause I'm pretty sure you just got it it shouldn't have battery issues like that...mine runs 3-4 days with a bit of wifi using facebook, youtube, bluetooth occasionally to transfer pictures, not a hardcore caller, but i do text a lot so the screen it turned on most time, & of course gaming. so just make sure you charge only when it says battery low 15% charge now.