Yet another video of Symbian^3- based slider Nokia N9 appears

04 July, 2010
While the name of the rumored Symbian^3-running Nokia slider (a.k.a. Nokia N9) is still a mystery, its hardware and software are already pretty familiar to us. After all, the device appeared on numerous...

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  • Anonymous

Screw-640x360, 04 Jul 2010the technobuffalo website was visible at 640 pixels length. th... moreLike you said, the website was clearly visible and the text is readable even without zooming.....

What more do you want, higher density screens just mess up the battery life. (this is a case with most android phones)

IMO 640X360 is good enough for this size, the only reason you would want more is to show off the big numbers...

  • Screw-640x360

the technobuffalo website was visible at 640 pixels length.
the resolution therefore is 640x360.. EPIC FAILURE.
i pity the fool who will buy this fail.

  • Anonymous

Max, 04 Jul 2010WOW!!! Nokia once again outshine competition and this time Noki... moreU do understand that they have lots of phones ? Ofcourse they would have to choose new ways of numbering due to their mass phone production, don't forget that they have nothing to manufacture but phones.

Are u serious about judging a whole company because of its numbering ? For me I see its a better way of numbering than before and better categorizes their device to its functionality. For e.g. E series are business phones and X phones are meant for music .. Isn't it simple ot just too complex for u ?

  • Anonymous

This phone is going to be very useful when it's released.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Jul 2010Still slow and not useful ! Symbian is crap! Nokia, you must c... moreU do know that this is an unannounced prototype :) .. U dnt judge a phone by a prototype :) this device is not meant to be shown to the public because some uneducated people would judge it in a bad way while still not putting in mind that it is not announced yet and still a prototype.

  • Anonymous

It can't be the N9, N8 is the last device to use symbian 3, in the N category

  • ankit

another leak is that nokia n9 will feature MEEGO NOT SYMBIAN

  • Seanderson

I really dont care much about the OS. The N9 is an ugly phone!!!

  • Niraj

[deleted post]I know X about technology and other one Y. But I still dont know about Y and other one dont know about X. But if we both contribute, we will know both X and Y.

  • Max

Nokia once again outshine competition and this time Nokia awarded as the most stupidest numbering model in any electronic device!
(and YES it's even worst than Samsung's).
Great job big N!

  • Anonymous

Specially prototypes are usually "blue tagged" to give of a automated "distress" call to the manufacturer if someone that is not supposed to have turns it on.

  • Anonymous

miodrag, 04 Jul 2010Remotly wiped by Nokia while being in offline mode? I don't thin... moreWhat do you mean you can't remote wipe in "offline" mode? Offline from what? You think phone companies use 3G or GSM network to remote wipe a phone?

They use satellite tracking. Every single phone has a tracking chip with the phones serial IMEI number that can be traced via satellite.

Here in Sweden if you loose your phone or someone steals it and you have the IMEI number, they phone company contacts the manufacturer like Nokia, SE, HTC etc and they remote track where it is or they disable it, even in offline mode.

The only thing is that the phone must be turned on to found, cause the IMEI transmitter ship need some electricity to function, it has nothing to do with 3G och GSM network.

  • blackberry-hater

the screen is too fine for nHD resolution in a 4" screen...

  • overclocked

well i heard that the n8 will be the last device running symbian^3 so this is the n8-01 or its running symbian^4 .

  • Anonymous

Still slow and not useful !
Symbian is crap!
Nokia, you must change this stupid OS, or improve to something MUCH better than this garbage, if you wanna live!

  • Anonymous

camera button acted like monster.. proto is dead!!

  • akash from nepal

adobe flash in iphone source:­ory.jsp?&id=99075&s=1&sid=142598736&­amp;pv=0&cat=Mobile

  • Sykes

I think the "secret wipe button" is the camera button, since it got wiped when they pressed it. Otherwise, it's a nice phone.

  • Niraj

By the time when html5 will come, I think Adobe will make the flash even more efficient than html5.
BTW anybody, Can we play games on html5 just like flash games and can we set it as screen saver just like flash (.swf) ??

  • -

Anonymous, 04 Jul 2010I'm viewing this from my friends iPad and can't see the video. I... moreOr maybe you and your friend need more standard-friendly devices. :)