The European Commission charges Google for abuse of dominant position

20 April, 2016
The Commission has sent Google Statement of Objections regarding Android and the apps running on it.

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Anonymous, 21 Apr 2016Good point.If we do not have a pre-installed search engine nor a pre-installed app store? What are we going to use to even download the search engine or app store we want to use?>

  • AnonD-528961

--, 21 Apr 2016what? lol. you call windows secure? look how many viruses you c... moreIf people have viruses in Windows pc its not becouse windows is not secure, its becouse they disable all security software and did not even install a proper antivirus. and one more thing, they are so stupid and they click on every link without thinking ahead "but wait..what if this link downloads a trojan"? i know stupid peeps that have viruses on android phones as well. its not the OS, but the stupid people hwo use it.

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--, 21 Apr 2016what? lol. you call windows secure? look how many viruses you c... moreThanks for sharing your opinion on this.

But unfortunately it's just an opinion and it's far from the truth. (or facts)

Apps in Windows phones run in sandboxed mode, thus not being allowed to access the contents of other apps or OS files/processes.

Also, Windows is far from being dead. It's a young OS with a low market share. Much like the case of Tesla cars. (low market share, a few drawbacks here and there, but everyone knows they're the future [or not - in which case they just don't understand the world they're living in])

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Anonymous, 21 Apr 2016Yes, indeed. I would maybe like to use an Android phone in the f... morewhat? lol. you call windows secure?
look how many viruses you can find in windows pc. windows phone and pc are using the same architecture. hackers can easily create virus for windows if they want it (even easier than ios or android).
But windows phone is almost dead. nobody want to use it. even many companies pull their support for windows phone. thats why bad hackers dont create viruses for windows phone.

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Carol, 21 Apr 2016Was about damn time someone does something against this a**ho**s!Yes, indeed. I would maybe like to use an Android phone in the future (if the devs somehow make it stable, secure and have smart features that are at least on par with Windows phones) but without any Google services installed on it.

Except for Youtube and Search, I don't use any other Google services and will not use them until they up their game and catch up to Apple/Microsoft in terms of quality.

  • Carol

Was about damn time someone does something against this a**ho**s!

  • AnonD-179733

IOS is not open sourced. Thats the main basis of the charges against Google...

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Anonymous, 20 Apr 2016"POLITICS IS THE LAST REFUGE OF SCOUNDRELS " old english sayin... moreYou obviously have not grasped the actual issue here, the reason behind the EU charging Google. Android is and always has been an open access operating system. The idea behind this is anyone can create apps for it, anyone can install whatever apps they want. Google is forcing their apps on people by insisting that Manufacturers pre-install Google on their devices in order for users to access apps through Google Apps. They also insist on all of their apps being pre-installed on the devices, and it is impossible for someone to remove these apps if they want to do so. Sure, manufacturers can install their own apps if they choose to do so, but they cannot refuse to install Google. I am actually in favour of the EU's intervention on this. Not too sure what can be done with Apple, as they are the manufacturer and the producer of Apple apps, so unsure of they can be seen as being noncompetitive. Will be interesting to see what happens with this.

  • Tweedus101

jh, 21 Apr 2016It's not about Google apps in general, it's about Google search,... moreit kind of is though. Apple has limited their phones abilities based on the necessity of iTunes to make searches for music based things through Siri

  • jh

Tweedus101, 20 Apr 2016Can the same not be said for the likes of apple and the IOS system?It's not about Google apps in general, it's about Google search, which has a dominant market place. Apple doesn't have that kind of dominant market place with any of its apps. ITunes might be close, but it's not exactly a monopoly the same way Google search is.

  • lulwut

Tweedus101, 20 Apr 2016I agree that all pre-installed apps that aren't necessary for th... more[I agree that all pre-installed apps that aren't necessary for the phone to run should have an optional uninstall. My htc has loads of tripe on it that I don't need but can't get rid of.]

Root is your friend.

  • AnonD-400833

Yeah thats what im sayin Apple is so closed, nothing opento outsiders yet no one Bats an eye, But Google gets slammed by a lawsuit. Its all about sheeps that pay more for the same phones with too little inventions as of now and call it premium, all we are doing is making apple rich without actually asking for why to pay this much!

  • Pia

Anonymous, 21 Apr 2016you are wrong. Android is free anybody can use it and modify it.... moreIf you want to have Google Playstore on your devices you need to have pre-installed other Google Apps too...that is want your rom to be certified by Google, you need to have the pre-installed Google Apps too....OEM's have no option not to included those Google Apps if they want their rom to be certified by Google....only OEM's have using Android fork doesn't need Google certified like Amazon and Xiaomi and both of them have their own Market Apps so they don't need Google Playstore or Google Apps for their rom...

  • AnonD-507785

Well...since Android OS is free, it's only understandable, that Google wants to push their own apps into customers hands. With that being said, it kinda contradicts the concept of "open source". So they should address that, and decide for one, or the other. May be difficult to have both.

  • thefearfulsilence

Fair play to the competiton people on this one but surely Apple's almost completely closed system needs addressing too then. Even the alternative web browsers on ios are essentially Safari underneath - please correct me if I'm wrong.
Also why should I need itunes (especially on my PC which is now a completely bloated shambles of a program), why is Apple still allowed to sell you music in a format that is not transferrable to other platforms and why are none of their apps removable?
We're not falling for the increased security/reduction in piracy arguments either.
Hopefully the powers that be will sort out both operating systems for the benefit of consumers.

  • xy

Noughty google should pay for it...piriood.

  • Anonymous

Google is so busted. I'm glad the European Commission doesn't just stand there, it acts. Hope it does the same with Apple, Samsung and carrieers.

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Pia, 20 Apr 2016You're wrong....most OEM's need Google apps license and in order... moreyou are wrong. Android is free anybody can use it and modify it. But google apps are Not.
OEM can choose to preinstall google apps or not.
If they choose to preinstall it, they must join OHA (Open Handset Alliance).

  • AnonD-370787

Damnit, having those services pre-installed is much better for consumers than not, if they aren't on all phones it means developers are forced into not using them to avoid overly complicated installs scaring off potential customers/users, instead they are likely to do things their own way which 99% of the time will be inferior and far less secure.
As long as it is possible to install any other alternatives there should not be a problem, it's not like most people use IE and bing even though Microsoft push them on you with windows.

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I think most people are siding with Google because they like Google even though Google is in the wrong (or at least very close to it). Google has shown that its proprietary software (apps, search engines, etc) is not inextricably linked to the Android OS and thus the specific licensing agreement that Google employs to grant OEMs access to this software can be seen as an attempt (and I believe that Google is doing it intentionally) to limit OEMs ability to use competing software. And arguing that Google should get away with doing that because they are currently the best is a poor legal argument.

On a side note for anyone saying they should go after Apple clearly does not understand that Apple is both the manufacture of the physical device and the developer of iOS and do not have license out their software and thus are not in a position to strong arm other companies to have specific software on and iOS device.