Meizu PRO 5 Ubuntu Edition is now available for $369.99

26 April, 2016
The Ubuntu-running version of the phone was announced back in February, and now it's finally gone on sale.

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Damn, it is out of stock in the website posted in this article. Anyone can tell where else I can buy this phone? I'm bored with android, ios, Windows Phone and blackberry OS... Wanna try Ubuntu..

  • Anonymous

Most people comment without understanding what they were saying. People saying i can't install Android apps on the Ubuntu phone is like saying i can't install Android on apple OS. That is not smart because is different ecosystem. Apps are developed in their own ecosystem and for the record Android started somewhere. People are getting so ignorant they think Android or Google play store should be on every ecosystem. If you interested in Android phones that is your choice. Leave the Ubuntu phone for the smart ones

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Apr 2016i know what will you do. you'll root it, unlock boot loade... moreWell, in Ubuntu you use sudo for admin rights, no need to hack or root at all. As for the bootloader, it is already unlocked thus you can indeed install Android if you want to.

This is true for Meizu mx4 at least.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-530835, 27 Apr 2016it's because not for you, it's for me and similari know what will you do.
you'll root it, unlock boot loader, then put android os. lol. ubuntu is useless. lacks good apps.

  • Mussiexxx

Would love to get my hands on that device something different

  • AnonD-530835

Anonymous, 27 Apr 2016i dont see the reason why people still buy's because not for you, it's for me and similar

  • AnonD-530835

I want to buy, I really waited it a long time.
But in "Gold"(!!!) it's a joke? and only 32GB ((

  • a

i think ubuntu device lower its price so it will fight with tizen os. and please introduce virtual desktop like windows mobile os with low price

  • Anonymous

i dont see the reason why people still buy it.

  • Abbate

This future is not Ubuntu. Shame Meizu.

  • Hans

Will remain on the stock, with these phones having the operating system.

This is a great first release handset. Go hard or go home.
Didn't really want to get a Windows phone as I have 2 desktops running Ubuntu and 2 latops running peppermint and the other is duel boot windows and Ubuntu..... I think this will be perfect..... The price though.

  • caelum cadere

Meizu wants to test that is actually real demand of the operating system Ubuntu. In my opinion will not be successful. This phone has features top off the OS.

  • sumadartson

To use Ubuntu on mobile? hehehehehe ... a joke.

  • sandeep yadav

really good to introduce a new OS in phone world........


I appreciate the company for the way they respond, primarily wish of the people. If the company found that there is a demand in this segment of UBUNTU OS, then perhaps this is so. Personally, doubt that demand was so great that to occur under this OS (endangered) for smart phones.

  • AnonD-292359

Not a very North American friendly phone (especially not here in Canada). All the frequencies are wrong. Do they do this on purpose or is the licensing just too expensive? That's a shame, I would have scooped one of these up just for "geek cred".

  • AnonD-292359

I wonder if this would also run SailfishOS?

  • Rajesh

There is no playstore for Ubuntu version. I'd rather prefer the Android version.