Huawei Honor 5C is official with a Kirin 650 SoC and 5.2" FullHD display

28 April, 2016
Prices of this well-rounded midranger start at CNY 899 ($140).

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  • aslam
  • tUa
  • 22 Jun 2016

waiting for available in india

    • r
    • raj
    • Pxa
    • 21 Jun 2016

    when will available on india

      • J
      • Joseph
      • TLA
      • 24 May 2016

      I still can't grab one in China Beijing also. It's really nice and too many people want to have one. TT

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        • sr
        • X{X
        • 21 May 2016

        Really nice congregation on this budget !!! thank's huawei !!

          • S
          • SOUMIK
          • ijN
          • 17 May 2016

          w8ing for this phone only

            • U
            • Udaya
            • Y}8
            • 04 May 2016

            Really want to know exactly when it will arrive in indian market.?

              • T
              • Tejas
              • ygB
              • 02 May 2016

              what is kirin 650 is it good

                AnonD-314371, 29 Apr 2016Screen should be 5.5 or 5.3.. otherwise good phone.. I hop... moreYou have Honor 5X for that. Geez, some morons just want every damn phone have 5,5" screen.

                  • D
                  • AnonD-473991
                  • X}A
                  • 29 Apr 2016

                  It's awesome budget smartphone

                    • D
                    • AnonD-314371
                    • XMu
                    • 29 Apr 2016

                    Screen should be 5.5 or 5.3..
                    otherwise good phone.. I hope it'll available in my country really soon.

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                      • maka
                      • Mfx
                      • 29 Apr 2016

                      Pls Huawei, 29 Apr 2016Cmoooooooon sell this unit in australia ill buy 1 for my wh... morefind it aliexpress with delivery worldwide

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                        • y4y
                        • bES
                        • 29 Apr 2016

                        Lead2XL, 28 Apr 2016I'm looking to downsize from a 5.7 inch phone to one that i... moreso you buy phones based on the weight , not on performance, specs, price. can you really differentiate 5-10 gms in weight. or is it really heavy to carry extra 10gms?

                          • D
                          • AnonD-339856
                          • t}I
                          • 29 Apr 2016

                          I will always purchase a huawei mid-ranger against any other brand. But this one is a definite hit and I am ready to shell out bucks for this..

                            • P
                            • Pls Huawei
                            • wgH
                            • 29 Apr 2016

                            Cmoooooooon sell this unit in australia ill buy 1 for my whole family lol. Please huawei.

                              Was looking at a new handset but seriously this is getting insane with the price and packing such good hardware.

                              Would like to know if we can grab our hands on this.

                                • ?
                                • Anonymous
                                • v0I
                                • 28 Apr 2016

                                Still with LTE Cat. 6 while most other companies are using chips with Cat 12/13

                                  • d
                                  • dip
                                  • rA$
                                  • 28 Apr 2016

                                  How much it cost

                                    • D
                                    • AnonD-402029
                                    • bxd
                                    • 28 Apr 2016

                                    i thought snapdragon 650, it has 650 at cheap price..then i read it for the 2nd time, oh Kirin..

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                                      • AnonD-477406
                                      • Qgx
                                      • 28 Apr 2016

                                      Anonymous, 28 Apr 2016wow ..i never know that manufacturing processer size has an... moreIt has a huge impact. It's all about how many transistors you can fit into the same amount of space. The more transistors, the more power you can get out of the same size processor. I believe the first fully electric processor (built with Germanium I think or something starting with a "g") had like eight transistors in total. Than only a little while later someone improved upon the design by using silicon and suddenly "Silicon Valley" was a thing. Nowadays a modern processor has billions of transistors.
                                      Basically, the smaller the manufacturing process, the more power efficient the processor is, and the more power you can get out of the same area.

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                                        • AnonD-477406
                                        • Qgx
                                        • 28 Apr 2016

                                        shawn, 28 Apr 2016the kirin 650 build on a 16mn process, which is much better... moreWell there's certainly more differences between them then that haha. For one, Kirin is Huawei's in-house processor brand, like Exynos is to Samsung. It's saving Huawei a good bit of money being able to use their own processors and that is certainly contributing to the overall low cost.