HTC Desire 830 is official with BoomSound and 5.5" 1080p screen

03 May, 2016
Regarding specs, the Desire 830 sports an Helio X10 chipset with a 1.5GHz octa-core CPU, 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage.

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  • Naveed

i like this set htc desire 830 which is a brilliant mobile phone, but i want it back cover, glass which are not a,vailable in open market in sukkur, sindh pakistan.

  • joker66

can the phone be puchased fand used here we have a limated range of phones you can buy at aresnoble cost just wondered if i bought one would be compatable with the australian 4g network

  • AnonD-514461

nickname, 14 May 2016Even 32 GB won't be sufficient soon, already apps memory re... moreReally!!!Which App 1.5 Gb? As far as i know important apps like youtube,chrome,uc,whatsapp,facebook,instagram,truecaller none of them are more than 200mb..1.5 gb is mostly for games and there are several people in this world who don't play game at all...For them,16gb is enough..Don't count gamers as primary option for storage issues..

  • nickname

AnonD-514461, 06 May 2016If you can expand memory via memory card,then you can easil... moreEven 32 GB won't be sufficient soon, already apps memory requirement go's beyond 1.5 gb, for a single app.Minimum 20 - 30 apps have become essential.How come 16 gb will be sufficient .....

  • AnonD-402029

Meghan, 04 May 2016Why HTC always offers a decent phone with high price? Bette... morewell at least Desire 830 has OIS on main camera and better front camera (ultrapixel) than redmi note 3 (redmi note 3 front camera is not even wide angle). OIS is getting popular these days unless you don't care about you photo. Redmi Note 3 only good at its price and gaming performance, the other department such as camera and sound is just average, even my old lenovo phone with 8mp main camera is better than redmi note 3! redmi note 3 4000mah could be better with proper optimization because samsung/sony/htc with less battery capacity has better juice. helio x10 is not bad for 1080p screen, i have several heavy game on helio x10, still can run smoothly. its not just HTC who offer high price with decent spec: samsung, sony, all off them, they usually put something to make up with that price, for example boomsound, OIS, AMOLED etc..

AnonD-514461, 06 May 2016If you can expand memory via memory card,then you can easil... moreStill not enough. You can't even use an SD card to put your apps on your phone into it. It is highly advisable to get at least 32GB of internal storage in order to install more apps. Besides, you're gonna use SD card only for your personaly files like music, pictures, and other stuff

  • AnonD-514461

Name Please, 06 May 201632GB is now the standard base model of every phone. 16GB st... moreIf you can expand memory via memory card,then you can easily manage with 16gb..

  • AnonD-514461

XLR8R, 05 May 2016MTK usually is bargain-basement, cheap, not-so-good stuff, ... moreExactly,personally i've used Heliox10 powered device alongside a Snapdragon powered Nexus 5,5x..Also,exynos powered devices.
In my personal view,For devices above $250 go for Snapdragon,devices below that go for mediatek,they're good for budget range,and low mid end devices..

AnonD-514461, 04 May 2016Galaxy J7 with lollipop and 2gb RAM,there are several versi... more32GB is now the standard base model of every phone. 16GB storage isn't enough nowadays. So if you want the J7 2016 version with Full HD display, 32GB internal storage, and 3GB of RAM, then price will increase as well.

AnonD-514461, 05 May 2016Really mediatek less heat and better optimization !!!!Lol..... moreI'm using a phone with MediaTek processor on it, and I admit that it suffers from heating issues, but that's because it's just low end. Many phones in 2015 that uses the Helio X10 proved how powerful that processor is when paired with an excellent optimization. Again, the M5 shouldn't even be that powerful because of the Helio X10 inside of it. But my expectation was wrong. It performed amazingly. You can even play high end games that only flagships can play in the past like Asphalt 8 and GTA

AnonD-514461, 05 May 2016Really mediatek less heat and better optimization !!!!Lol..... moreMTK usually is bargain-basement, cheap, not-so-good stuff, but not the Helio X series. Those are real chips, made with a real intention to be contenders. I have used both SD and MTK based phones....and I found that MTK is nowadays getting pretty good with the new Helio P and X series. But you can forget about the low-end crap (MT673x, MT 6750, MT 65xx etc.) - those are really no good and no comparison to even a cheap Snapdragon....

AnonD-514461, 05 May 2016So,according to you adreno GPU is weak than Mali GPU,..:p"Graphics" is not "Multimedia". Adreno is a better product than Mali, but....Mediatek has technologies like MiraVision, InstantFocus, TrueBright and a pretty decent integrated DAC (>100 dB SNR) as part of the SoC itself (Helio X10). Sony Xperia M5, for example, achieves a good part of both it's picture quality and the focus speed due to that SoC. It's also why the HTC One M9+ has a somewhat better camera output than the One M9 despite being the exact same sensor....Snapdragon 650, 820 are now on par for these features though with MTK.

  • AnonD-514461

XLR8R, 04 May 2016Helio X10 is better for multimedia than the SD 615. Other t... moreSo,according to you adreno GPU is weak than Mali GPU,..:p

  • AnonD-514461

Name Please, 05 May 2016The SnapDragon processors have heating issues while MediaTe... moreReally mediatek less heat and better optimization !!!!Lol..
Mediatek processors are always famous for weak battery,less optimization, overheat..
Apart from 615 and 810 no other Snapdragon overheats like mediatek chips..
But,yeah it's your choice that you like mediatek..Bdw do you use an mediatek device or an Snapdragon one?

AnonD-514461, 04 May 2016 moreThe SnapDragon processors have heating issues while MediaTek doesn't. And everything depends on optimization. The 650 might be more powerful, but the X10 is overall a better chipset compared to the 650 as far as optimization goes. And we all know that HTC is one of the best when it comes to software optimization. Go believe what you want, but it doesn't change the fact that the Helio X10 is still superior to many mid range SnapDragon processors right now

  • Anonymous

I can never understand HTC's allergy towards 3000mAh and up battery capacity. Here's a golden opportunity for them to bring their fight in the sea of Helio X10 phones w/ BoomSound and yet marred by glossy type plastic, color options and non category breaking batt capacity. Seriously plastic isn't the problem but the colors is.

And people wonder why they're on the edge of the cliff by 3 threads.

AnonD-514461, 04 May 2016 moreHelio X10 is better for multimedia than the SD 615. Other than that, performance is heavily dependent on optimization from IHV/ODM (some Helio X10 perform favourably to SD 808, some average like SD 615).

It appears HTC bought OmniVision cameras and Helio X10 boards in large quantities, probably for update support....too many devices are being released across all price ranges, confusing customers. While I am sure HTC will support these devices (at least the "One" range), I am not sure that this will gain them any market share - as flooding the market with models is simply not the way to gain mindshare.

  • AnonD-514461

Name Please, 04 May 2016It's a shutdown issue, and that is a software-related probl... more
A link for you,redmi note 3 Helio x10 vs Snapdragon 650 performance...
Hope you understand, why I'm saying Helio x10 is average performer,so $310 for an average performing SOC,isn't that too much..?Specially,when you can buy Snapdragon 808 powered Nexus 5x,615 powered moto X play,808 xstyle,even 810 powered Xperia Z3+ at same or below price..

  • AnonD-109996

I think we all need to chill and remember that this is far better than its predecessor, the desire 820 in every aspect.

Also, the price might be Taiwan alone, and will translate to a different price at different markets.

Helio X10 is not all bad, but SD652 would've been amazing. But I guess HTC10 lifestyle has that covered.

Boomsound making a comeback is great news in itself for me!