Sony Xperia X Performance is priced from 699, launches in July

03 May, 2016
Sony has finally started taking pre-orders for the Xperia X family through its European online stores.

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OzOne, 04 May 2016I'll be just waiting for Sony Xperia XA!!!!!You shouldn't. Fingerprint scanner aside, the Xperia XA offers nothing the Xperia M5 already doesn't. What you should instead be looking for is the Xperia M Ultra, and the Xperia C6 (coming soon).

  • Anonymous

Avand Rd, 04 May 2016I think this phone will be the joke of the year. -The worst d... moreI'm not replying to your usual garbage, which is the same you told for Z5, Z3+, Z3 and so on. You are just a Sony hater.
But i didnt undestand the screen burn thing you told. X Performance never was reviewed for any tests.
And are you serious? Are you REALLY trying to Burn your phone with fire? You do realize that all those tests are just torture tests and not at all useful?! Thats just absurd.
What you should be worrying about is actual screen burn in, which AMOLED displays like S7 are very prone to. You should be worrying about that. No one is ever going to burn their phone. Unless they are insane.

mir, 04 May 2016Your statement is very wrong. Sony has never excelled in any sin... moreYou seem to either have missed my point, and your argument is invalid, a complete package should have ALL of the features one would desire in a phone, hence the word COMPLETE.

Lets evaluate what you said, I never said sony was better than any other flagship in a single feature, wether it was camera, battery, performance, design, unique features etc, but I said OVERALL its a better package. Lets compare the regular s7 vs the xperia Z5 for the sake of released products comparison. (X performance will be better than Z5 anyways)

Galaxy S7: Micro SD, IP68, SD 820, 4GB RAM, 5.1" QHD, 12MP Excellent camera, single bottom facing mono speaker (this is a make or break feature for me, as i hate single speakers, let alone them bein in the bottom or back). Price: $616

Xperia Z5: Micro SD, IP68, SD 810, 3GB RAM, 5.2 FHD, 23MP Great camera, Dual Front Facing Stereo Speakers. Price: $515

Now the x performance will be the same as z5 but with better design and build materials, and the sd 820, better camera.

So yeah from my point of view, there is no reason why the galaxy s7 cant have front facing speakers. Ill go with sony everytime if they are the only ones that offer them, not even HTC offers this anymore.


  • Davood

Avand Rd, 04 May 2016I think this phone will be the joke of the year. -The worst d... moreWooh stop man,you have put a collection of every worst part of any other brands into the brilliant Xperia phone,don't do that man,go get some rest,please..

  • Edek

The phone was announced in February and is to be released in July? Sony must be joking, they really don't know how to run this business.

  • OzOne

I'll be just waiting for Sony Xperia XA!!!!!

I think this phone will be the joke of the year.

-The worst design. Plastic construction with metal back cover is only for low end, worst maybe subjective, but we can say its the cheapest with nodoubt.

-worst software. Lightest but slowest, their software skills is poor, thats why xperians never faster than other, slower booting, slowest in opening apps. They have no idea about 'optimisation'. Too standard ui, no usb mass storage, to take ss still need to press power, no proper shortcut. Even notifications, nav bar, task
mgr is stock.

Display. Maybe not the worst, but yes still far behind. It cant recover from burn like LG and huawei IPS at jerryrigeverthing test.

-Camera with standard set up, camera with single led flash, small pixel, camera lenses made of plastic, Seriously?? when other use glass and shappire.? No OIS, dual led flash, laser just standard setup like low end phone, just better. The good news is only it has highest MP.

  • AnonD-481725

123, 04 May 2016why only 5" 5.3" is minimum for me5 inches is really perfect size, moderate.

I will buy it when its price dips to 600€ I will Wait for it

  • Davood

Anonymous, 04 May 2016One more thing. Who still uses an iPod? Who still uses Son... moreWhat i meant to say was that history and experience is not invaluable. So this history will give value to audio both in Iphone and SONY Xperia

No wonder mobile division at SONY is struggling.. the device been announced on March and the release date on July !!
More than that the device can't beat HTC 10 , S7 , G5 etc..
I really love Sony devices but the way they marketing is going to drop them down.

  • AnonD-527475

I like everything except the price. I was planning to get xa but forget it, entry level phone costs €299??? If it is $299, I will buy it right away no doubt.

  • AnonD-531620

AnonD-404798, 04 May 2016Xperia X have same price like other brands with the same chipset... moreI take your point, but can you explain Sony's decision not to sell the X performance in the UK and Germany? While it's available across the rest of Europe! And can you explain why the flagship X performance is just £80 more than the midrange X, yet if I choose to buy a 2016 Sony handset my chose is the sensibly priced XA or the midrange X, when I'm happy to pay £80 more for the X performance.

123, 04 May 2016why only 5" 5.3" is minimum for mesize queen! :P

  • Anonymous

Tann Hauser, 04 May 2016Dont mind them, they are high volume nuts. High volume nuts don... more'They cant comprehend what an equilizer is'

Funny, Sony equalizers no longer work after Lollipop update. (Don't deny this, you know this is true)

Had to roll back my Z1 firmware to Kitkat to get any decent sound out of the speaker.

  • Anonymous

Tann Hauser, 04 May 2016Dont mind them, they are high volume nuts. High volume nuts don... moreDo you understand the frequency response chart?

This is where Samsung and iPhone have the flattest frequency response(best sound quality)

Sony on the other hand is a little off.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 May 2016MP3 players. LOL Who still uses MP3 players? Are you stuc... moreI still use a Iriver iH120 :)

wonder why: all new DAC sucks... they stopped to make the quality from the past days...
with hi quality earphones you hear the difference between an iAudio7 and the oldschool H100 series

@Topic: X perfomance will launch in swiss on june 1st with 749 CHF

[deleted post]Dont mind them, they are high volume nuts.
High volume nuts dont care about quality of sound, just loudness.

They even dont know how sound tests here work
They cant comprehend what an equilizer is
They dont realize headphones also make a difference.
They just know how to count the numbers in test charts
Funny nonsense folks

  • 123

why only 5"
5.3" is minimum for me

  • REX

the price of XA should be the price of X.
and the price of X should be the price of Xperformance