Apple gets all defensive, free iPhone 4 cases for everyone

16 July, 2010
Apple just finished off its press conference dedicated on the iPhone 4 reception issues leaving us quite puzzled, to say the least. At one point Steve Jobs was saying that every phone has a weak spot, then he...

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  • Morrow
  • Tr8
  • 27 Jun 2012

mostafa, 01 May 2011apple is the best in the world and no one can be such great... moreYou read an article detailing the numerous flaws and design issues and you still write "apple is the best".

Seriously, are you even capable of independent thought or do you rely on Apple to tell you when to pee too?

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    • mostafa
    • J8@
    • 01 May 2011

    apple is the best in the world and no one can be such great company. tnx to stive and his colluge.

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      • AppleOnTheDownhill
      • P@c
      • 10 Dec 2010

      Apple sucks! In the beginning they were a great company but as the years went they have become more and more like what Microsoft was before. They have become control freaks!

        • g
        • george
        • S7R
        • 29 Jul 2010

        Of cource i took my money back.
        I dont ever think to buy this crap.

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          • ByStander
          • vaQ
          • 29 Jul 2010

          Maybe Apple should include in their User's Manual "Cellphone Holding Procedures", following Steve's line of reasoning.

            • m
            • miles
            • tCQ
            • 25 Jul 2010

            in the tech world, we always let the technology do the talking... but when a brand and company starts using it's mouth to do the talking for it's phone, then we have a loser device. Steve Jobs should know better.

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              • Anonymous
              • 0p2
              • 24 Jul 2010

              To get your free case go to itunes and you have to get the app that allows you to order your free case. It's iphone 4 Case program.

                • Z
                • Zephyr
                • PFq
                • 24 Jul 2010

                Besides using durable material and responsive OS from Apple, to me, iPhone is useless (not multi-functional as some other I used to experience), freaky damn expensive, bulky huge size like a flat plate...

                Apple's CEO did one thing wrong, it is by starting to console its loyal users with other companies' flaws... Users can compare, but not the manufacturers in competition market.

                Big shame as a leader of Apple...

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                  • @4TM1
                  • 2@S
                  • 24 Jul 2010

                  Its not that other companies do not show that their handset also got weak spot. It is apple who is the big bully here, imagine if out of nowhere somebody say bad about you, embarrassed you in public, what will you do? empathetic? Can you do that? If you do so, you have no dignity and people will only step on you. You need to know how to defense yourself to a certain degree and that is exactly what RIM, Nokia, Samsung are doing.

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                    • anonymoose
                    • v0q
                    • 23 Jul 2010

                    this shows that thinking outside of the box doesn't always work. why not just admit that it is a design flaw? if only jobs would've fixed this sooner this wouldn't have happened. i agree with those people that said that apple should have shown their older phones that users can even squeeze the signal by holding the 2g,3g, and 3gs the "wrong way". and to those that are blaming the media for making the issue "blown out of proportion", well, that is what they SHOULD do. you wouldn't want the media not delivering good\bad news to it's people, would you? don't forget that the "media" also mentioned nokia's faulty BL-5C battery years ago. it's just that nokia immediately recalled all the suspicious batteries before it got worse. also, don't tell us that we're ganging up on apple because we're jealous of it's success. we're not fifth graders anymore, that gets jealous whenever someone gets higher grades than us. grow up man. we are mad because of jobs "ego" for making this sh*t happen. mentioning other companies for something that he started is just stupid. really stupid for someone with a position of a company's CEO. with all this sh*t happening, i'll just wait when this issue gets sorted out before upgrading my 3g to a working iphone4.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • 2SS
                      • 22 Jul 2010

                      I love what CEO of samsung nokia and motorola said
                      its really honest response they gave
                      summing up totally my own essay on apple :

                      "apple themselves designed iphone and no one forced them to make new design"

                      "if our phones have antennagate why aren't people complaining about it ? why do they complain on iphone exclusively" - other companies

                      "if every smartphone has this issue why is iphone 3gs having no such problems why didnt steve showed people about holding iphone 3gs in that way ? why he showed only samsung omnia and other phones instead of iphone 3gs ? " - my opinion

                      "why did apple deleted threads in their forums in their websites regarding people complaining about antennagate ?" - cheap tricks

                      motorola said :(summary)
                      "we never make external antenna unlike apple, we make internal"

                      nokia said : (indirect summary)
                      "we watch millions of people and research on them how they hold phone how they surf internet and how do they love listening music and we make phones basing upon everyone's habits of holding phones and make a perfect one "

                      i have ipod touch third gen and i think its best device and obviously ipod touch is an iphone without a phone but now apple shows its stupid strategies

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                        • Anonymous
                        • S35
                        • 22 Jul 2010

                        Anyone know how we get the free cases, apple said they would be available from today but i cant seem to find how to order one ?

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                          • !!!!
                          • 9x0
                          • 22 Jul 2010

                          iphone4 SHOULD NEVER BE

                          CALLED iphone in the

                          first place...

                          BECAUSE IT HARDLY

                          FUNCTION AS A BASIC


                          it should be called

                          " iStatusSymbol "

                            • !
                            • !!!!
                            • 9x0
                            • 21 Jul 2010

                            [deleted post]cant you read and comprehend?

                            everyone is fan,samsung fan, htc fan, aswell as apple fan..

                            oh dear...

                              • i
                              • iphone4fan
                              • u{a
                              • 21 Jul 2010

                              Keep voting high guys this is a great phone, just hold it right and the signal issues are just lies

                                • E
                                • ERDAL PINAR
                                • qD1
                                • 20 Jul 2010

                                I plan the buy one but after see this buy droid x is way better phone....

                                  • T
                                  • Tom-Helge
                                  • Srd
                                  • 20 Jul 2010


                                  ROFL, that's freaking funny.

                                    • d
                                    • david wallace
                                    • nar
                                    • 20 Jul 2010

                                    Steve Jobs Is a cracking guy he has really delivered once again i cant wait for the iphone 5 :D!!!!!

                                      • ?
                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 3Ax
                                      • 20 Jul 2010

                                      serves you all right. of all beautiful and better handsets out there, you go for the "name", lol name can't now make you calls though. hope you've learned your lesson

                                        • ?
                                        • Anonymous
                                        • v0q
                                        • 20 Jul 2010

                                        Everybody is ganging up on Apple, because they can't duplicate the success of Iphone. Many phones have issues, They are not just blown out of proportion as what the media did to Iphone.