A massive 18.4" Lenovo tablet with QHD screen found in benchmark

12 May, 2016
The tablet joins the ranks of humongous Android tablets, but the QHD resolution is an advantage.

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  • Anonymous

Max, 13 May 2016They made it for Chuck Norris. And Chuck can use this tablet in ... moreChuck Norris made it for them... He doesn't need a tab, it's Lenovo that needs Chuck Norris

  • AnonD-521640

I hope soon Lenovo will launch a VR for it. that would be great. Awesome 3D effect.

  • Anonymous

now i can have even more fun while texting n driving !!!!!! no one will ever notice

  • AnonD-402029

best device with dinasour size QHD screen to make video call with full body video call!! yeah with 0.3MP front camera yeah!! thanks Lenovo but no thanks!

Yay!!! Lenovo invent smartphone for dinosaurs race. They wouldnt be happy about the 0.3mp selfie-cam though. Rawwrrr!

  • Analyst

You call it this one as big tablet n I call it a small Android smart TV or medium18.4"AIO PC. What's the difference?

  • AnonD-536916

I need this device in my life.

  • t4r1k

xD made my day LOL

  • Petsac

I claim a new word in the english language, 'slablet' for tis what this is.

lmao :d

  • Max

They made it for Chuck Norris. And Chuck can use this tablet in one hand and carry it in his jeans pocket too.

Flossy420, 12 May 2016Who the fu** would hold an 18" tablet to take pictures with it?Mega Lol... XD

AnonD-170368, 13 May 2016then its not jus tab, its tab-le !!!!!Lol

  • AnonD-170368

then its not jus tab, its tab-le !!!!!


AnonD-442251, 12 May 2016How can we take pictures with device this big..i mean..how can w... moreuse a hand

  • Anonymous

It weighs 7Kg. It also has rollers at corners on the back, to be pushed around.

  • AnonD-40324

At least specs are top level, monster will be best in size and specs and price. Esp better than sammay, etc.

  • AnonD-393912

ethereal, 12 May 2016Definitely this is a niche product but not sure about its real use. Depend on how they advertise its function.
The Samsung supersize pretty loved by its early adopter as it never claim itself as tablet but they advertise it as portable smart-tv.

  • Googlepr

iPad Pro is the winner!!!

  • Yow

i think they meant TABLE, not TABLET, lol