ZTE's upcoming flagship to be called Axon 7; unveiling set for May 26

12 May, 2016
The company has sent out invites for the event.

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  • Y7u
  • 16 May 2016

e3000, 16 May 2016Yeah, but technical are getting better and better. So it is... moreI just hope there still will be enough Chinese brands out there keeping prices low and affordable.

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    • 16 May 2016

    Anyone knows details about camera specs?

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      • e3000
      • MmU
      • 16 May 2016

      AnonD-463876, 15 May 2016Chinese phones are getting expensive, the only cheap brands... moreYeah, but technical are getting better and better. So it is obvious to get more expensive.

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        • 15 May 2016

        Chinese phones are getting expensive, the only cheap brands left are Xiaomi, OnePlus and Lenovo's Zuk subsidiary and maybe Meizu.

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          • Shogun
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          • 14 May 2016

          I have a Axon, like its audio quality. But I hate the front grill, it get dirty easily and hard to clean.

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            • IWM
            • 13 May 2016

            ZTE is a bad joke. never ever spend a dollar on their product. tried and got burnt. stay away from ZTE.

              That price though....
              Yes, it is flagship price but not the range you would expect from China branded phones.
              Looks like Huawei, Oppo and ZTE are raking in the money

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                • Xu@
                • 13 May 2016

                They are naming it to keep up with the latest crop of flagships, and ur guess of s7 and i7 is legit. But not just s7 or i7, other flagships are also very senior like G5, mi 5, HTC 10(though actually not 10th) mate 8, p9 etc. 7 is an average of all,and is most popular model no this year.