HTC WP7 phone leaks again, HP to stay out of the WP7 game

26 July, 2010
HTC are very happy with the market results of their touch-driven candybars with 3.7-inch screens so far. So much so that they are going to stick with it for their first Windows Phone 7-powered device too. The phone...

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  • Chris

2.1.1, 26 Jul 2010webOS is good. but why no androidbecause HP just spent US$1.2billion to buy Palm and its WebOS

  • God

Okey... os is ugly and the screen is crap...

  • Anonymous

what the heck is webOS? Anyway that looks ugly as sh..

  • first

htc screen fail,iphone 4 has decent screen at least ,who needs to be able to make/take calls lol

  • Anonymous

because webOS much better than adsroid :p

  • 2.1.1

webOS is good.
but why no android